The ideal government structure

We are in 2016, everything is changing fast from technology to individual rights …

Many countries around the world are trying to include more and more women in government, but still government compositions are still far from being ideal.

Here, i will try to list how governments should be composed:

1- Gender Equality: Half any country population is made up of females, so there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to not offer equal number of seats to women.
Let’s be honest, politicians are not really selected according to their specific skills, so women and men are both equally qualified to serve their populations.

2- Minority Representation: The government should be representative of the people, if there’s 10% of the population that belong to a specific ethnicity, then they should have 10% of the politicians, and they should choose their own politicians.

3- Field of competence: Each one of the civil servants and politicians representatives should work in the domain that he/she is competent at. let’s see some examples:
Minister = secretary of state = member of government in-charge of a department.

so Minister of health, should be someone who have worked long in the health sector: doctors etc …
Minister of education, should be a teacher, professor …Interior Minister, should have worked in police or secret services …
Foreign Minister, should be someone that have lived in more than 1 country …

Reverse Human Migration

This blog post belong to my contrarian thinking series …

Humanity have successfully built a system to motivate individuals to work hard, and that’s good, except the majority of the human population have fell victim to this system, and this system is based on money and land ownership.
Earth is a planet that belong to all it’s creatures, no one creature can claim ownership of a specific part or terrain, from this perspective all states/countries and land ownership are fictitious.

This land have existed for millions of years, and it is capitalistic absurdity to even imagine that a person or a group of people have ownership on a land, region or country.

We are just a bunch of evolved monkeys that have migrated throughout the world and claimed ownership on the lands we inhabited, then some of the smarter ones appointed themselves kings, or declared themselves owner of the lands …

Then the next generation of smart monkeys, printed papers and convinced us to use them for trade, and the newest generation of smart monkeys realized they do not even need to print money, and are creating fortunes through the bank systems.

Have you noticed anything wrong with this picture? it’s all fictitious…

Let’s get back to the migration topic:

Past migrations / Early migrations:

The modern man originated from Africa, he migrated throughout the world in search for better environments, the modern man encountered a lot of humanoids, they mixed together and sometimes competed and fought.

below map shows the migration of the homo sapiens sapiens – or modern man

Another Early migration that took place is actually a reverse migration: when Eurasian farmers migrated to Africa 3,000 years ago –article

Hundreds of migrations have taken place since then, human migrations were initiated due to different reasons.

Current migration:

Current migration has some similar causes like the previous ones, mainly wars, and the search for a better life.
And, thanks to fast spread of information, these days migrations are often more polemic…
for example immigration to Europe , Syrian Refugees problem


Reverse migration:

Logically, the human should be searching for a better life, and that does not mean only better salary, but also means a better climate, and a less stressful nature, from this perspective you would understand why most of Europe’s Rich people go to live in Spain and the French riviera, while most of the US rich establish home in Florida, California and co …
What i find strange though is that very few people -not rich- decide to go live in countries where the weather conditions are favorable, especially when these people go to retirement.

It might not make sense for a family with kids to leave a rich European country to establish home in a poor African country, there are usually a lot lacking compared to the Western standard of life.
But it would make a lot of sense for an early 40’s or late 40’s couple to do that, i mean the money they have would be more than enough to live the rest of their lives in many African countries, or even to launch a profitable business, but there are some problems …

Establishing home in Africa is not that easy, as a white person you are immediately assumed to be rich, and probably you are, compared to the local standards, and that is an invitation for trouble, meaning, being mugged, robbed or even killed by thugs or criminals.
This was the case for example for many westerners and also for Lebanese communities in some African countries, where political events led to chaos and led to attacks on the Lebanese businesses and communities 1 2
So the problems are thugs and criminals -criminals are everywhere in the world- , and sometimes political instability.

But the fact that there are Lebanese communities and more recently Chinese communities, should be an indicator that reverse migration is a viable option.

How to implement Reverse migration:

If the reverse migration becomes a trend, sooner or later we might see a reaction from the local population, wherever the local population is … People feel threatened of losing their jobs or competition stealing their clients …
The best way to implement and regulate reverse immigration is through bipartisan agreements,
for example there are a 400.000 Moroccan in France, thus the Moroccans should allow at least 400.000 French in Morocco … and so on …
This way, local populations know that the foreigners are here in an equal number as their nationals in the foreigners country, that would be fair and reasonable.

Side effect: that would reduce racial tensions between communities, as when an immigrant goes to a country, he is allowing a foreigner to go to his country, which is a fair trade…


objectifying women

Advertising Companies will always be objectifying women

When it comes to advertising, anything that can create buzz is and will always be used !!! I know because i happen to run an advertising company with it’s Buzz creating and PR sections.

So that would seam weird for people in the industry, to hear that an Ad agency -none the less- is waging war against objectifying women in ads … But from the basic principle of PR, you would immediately understand that the campaign goal is to hijack feminists agenda, for indirect self promotion.

here’s the video by the agency:
They basically searched on the internet for ads objectifying women throughout the world …

I am not saying it is ok, to show women in every ad, but it seams that the image of sexy women is way more effective to attract the attention of MEN, and that’s why agencies have been using the image of women since ever, also that’s why they hire more female receptionists, and why modeling agencies hire mostly female models  …

Reality is, humans operate on basic instincts, especially when in automated mode, breeding, hunger and fear are huge factors in our decision making, even-though most of us don’t even realize that. Read the emotional role in advertising.

That’s why Sex sells when it comes to advertising, and when it comes to business and capital, what works is often reproduced and considered a rule of success.

It’s true that in some cases the agencies are rude and highly unprofessional, for example this agency in Singapore that made this Burger King ad , got probably a lot of negative press. But they say all press is good press.


But then again, the views are what interest the agencies and the customer, so you could see why Car’s Jr Superbowl Ad featured a naked woman, well because if it didn’t they would have to work 30-40 times harder to make the ad get the same attention and viewership, and that’s 30 time the budget of the ad …

Objectifying women, is not going anytime soon, simply because it is effective in selling stuff to men! But then again, the only way that would happen is if you go to live in Saudi Arabia or other religiously strict countries, were laws forbid this type of ads, or if laws are passed to block the use, but that would be a challenge to the freedom of speech.

-On a side note, as a man, i am sorry, but we men, are too rough, except for flagrant mistakes like the Burger King ad above, most of us see nothing wrong in featuring a sexy woman in an ad –


What career should your kids choose?

I came across the below data, made available by the US census bureau,
In general it shows that Asian households income is way superior to the average,
there’s of course the factor that people of Asian origin are recent immigrant compared to the people of European or African origin,  and thus they are either themselves, or descendants of people, that worked hard or were well off to be able to come to this far country, so by definition they belong to a higher social class than the average American …

“Indian Americans continuously outpace every ethnic group socioeconomically to reach the summit of the U.S. Census charts. Indian Americans, along with other Asian Americans, have attained the highest educational levels of all ethnic groups in the U.S. 71% of all Indians have a bachelor’s or higher degree (compared to 28% nationally and 44% average for all Asian American groups). Almost 40% of all Indians in the United States have a master’s, doctorate, or other professional degree, which is five times the national average. Thomas Friedman, in his recent book, The World is Flat, explains this trend in terms of brain drain, whereby the best and brightest elements in India emigrate to the U.S. in order to seek better financial opportunities.[40] Indians form second largest groups of physicians (3.9%) after non-Hispanic whites as of 1990 survey, and very likely much more like 10% in 2015.”

incomein the us
But then, i realized an important factor, which is education, but not simply education but specific type of education, that is known to be in demand and to bring a descent living. Like for example physicians. A study by NCBI shows that some races are more likely to work in less favorable regions – aka making less money, hence some people do it as vocation by some do it for the money.

The idea is simple, some jobs make more money, and in some cultures they push kids to go after these jobs, especially when you are in a foreign country, where there’s a shortage.

For example, when i was a small kid, like many others the choice of future careers were: fireman, policeman, teacher, doctor, lawyer, engineer … but as i grew my society and parents had some kind of invisible pressure that pushes kids towards mainly 3 fields: lawyers, doctors and engineers …. then of course people end up doing different things when they grow up, but still many become lawyers, doctors and engineers, so in my small country we had too much of all 3 of those…

In Europe i sensed a different approach, i noticed that parents just want their kids to be happy, do whatever they want in life and be happy -be an artist, musician, teacher, …-.
The difference is mainly due to the fact that in developing countries you will need to find a good job that can feed you for now and for when you grow old and retire, as often retirements plans are not a good insurance for old age …. In developed countries it’s not the case, in developed countries it’s better to have minimum responsibilities and be able to enjoy life when you are still young and able to.

So eventually it comes down to that, whether you want financial stability or happiness for your kids, sometimes both are possible, but with employment there is always the financial risk of losing the job, or company going bankrupt…


explainer video for startups

1 minute explainer video for Startups and apps

I have worked with startups a lot, and the one mistake i see repeated, over and over and over, is the lack of visitor education – or explaining to visitor, in other words the lack of an explainer video!

explainer video for startups

The majority of big startups, or startups in incubators, have a marketing manager smart enough to know the importance of such videos and thus use them at the home page, or landing ads pages … But small startups have somehow a blind spot concerning marketing – maybe it’s better to outsource their marketing -, they build these great startups and yet can not figure out the most basic marketing necessity!
The necessity to explain to your visitor/ clients in simple terms the features and use of your service or app!

This can be done easily with : …..

a 1 minute Explainer video

As i explained not long ago in a linkedin post, this is the #1 mistake most startups are committing!

Some tech companies experienced amazing growth, thanks to the 1-2 min animated videos they put on the homepage, the growth comes from the fact that the visitors convert into users/ clients x times more then when the visitor lands on a page with text and graphics.

Not convinced? Let’s do a test, Check the below explainer video by :

And now, try to put yourself in your customer shoes, and try to answer these questions:

  1. Would you prefer to stay on a website 15 to 20 minutes or get the information condensed in a 2 min video?
  2. Would you stay on a random website 20 minutes just to understand what exactly they are offering?
  3. Would you prefer a video of a person verbally explaining an offer, or see a 1 minute explainer video like the one above?

It’s important to keep in mind – the goal is for the user to understand what your product does, as fast as possible. Show your explainer video to a person in your target audience if they can tell you what your product is all about, after watching your video, you’ve scored a home-run!

Now that we have agreed on the necessity of an explainer video, the other questions that you would need to ask your self:
1- What type :  list of different types of explainer videos.
2- What budget you are willing to invest in the video:
article about the cost of explainer video , or explainer video cost estimator





Why Populations will never know the truth !

Are we alone in the universe, have aliens visited us?
Is there a God? are religions made up brainwashing tools?
Is humanity in danger? will a comet or another spacial phenomena exterminate humanity in the near or far future?

The answers for the above and many critical questions, will never be known by the public and for a simple reason …

When critical information are shared with the public, the current human management system based on made up currency will fall apart!

Money is the way to enslave most humans, it’s the way to make them execute specific jobs and tasks …
I can safely assume that 80% of people do not like their jobs.

In the case of impending doom, do you think these people will waste the last days or years doing the same jobs they hate? or would they prefer to join their loved ones and enjoy the last few days or years they have ?
In this case what would be the side effects of such a liberation from jobs? Currency will have a huge inflation and eventually become worthless…
In other words, if the population know about a planetary catastrophic event, it might lead to the inevitability of such event … because there would no longer be the necessary workforce needed to come up with a solution. Special task force and engineers will be committed, but the material and requested resources might suffer due to a complete implosion of production and transportation system.

for example:
Let’s say in 2 years a series of comets will hit earth, and the information was made public, governments will agree on a specific defense system which will require a huge number of custom made rockets, these rockets to be made will rely on traditional industries like metallurgy &chemical productions … 2 industries in normal cases employ millions of people, but when like all industries they would be crippled in the event of mass resignations, and the production of the defense system would be endangered.
Transportation will be crippled, as people go on mass riots, and governments will be obliged to impose curfew to impose order, and thus any sort of productivity is lost.

Humanity can take on anything, but only when it’s calm.




To do list & year/decade resolution for humanity

It’s the part of the year, when we start preparing our resolutions and our plans to engage the new year …

But what we failed to do is to look at this very productive activity from a wider scope or a global point of view … We the human race have failed in creating a unified 1year, 5 year or 10 year plan to improve the human existence on this planet.

Yes, specific organizations have this sort of multi year plan, but it addresses specific subject and often specific populations. A global plan to the scope of the planet have never been formulated or announced.

So here you go, here’s my modest attempt at it, and hopefully the internet will be helpful in improving it….

Humanity To Do List

Humanity 10 years Resolution

1- Switch to electric cars
2- Switch to renewable energy
3- Minimize the use of paper and reduce wood consumption
4- Start a Global effort to clean the oceans and revitalize the fish populations / impose some bans.
5- Reduce meat consumption by teaching more vegetarian and vegan recipes.
6- Reduce garbage, by reducing packaging, imposing laws to minimal packaging.
7- Ban plastic bags.
8- Centralize all space efforts, and put a tax per on countries according to their GDP
9- Land on Mars & create a Moon base.
10- Unify all armies under the UN commandment. 
11- Ban religious teaching for kids under 16. -this will be controversial-
12- Provide old age retirement centers for old people in poor countries - condition they have 2 kids or less.
13- Impose 1 or 2 child policy on highly reproductive populations : we don't want the future of humanity like in Idiocracy
14- Advance recycling and processing laws and applications.
15- Make all stats available, with no hiding or political correctness.
16- Change prisons into labor camps > Paying back to society literally.
17- Democratize governments, and decision making... this system is outdated.
18- Global connectivity: Something better than Facebook : not time waster.
19- Fast epidemic detection & response.
20- Unified monetary system based on value, not i owe yous.
21- Right for independence > whoever want to be independent let them be!
22- Education system redesigned around future roles in society.

I'm open for your suggestions, i'll add any suggestion below ...