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I am and always was a freethinker, that's why I have decided to focus mainly in this blog on contrarian ideas and opinions. 
I think this society is pushing everybody to take sides in debates, instead of letting people think freely.

Contrarian ideas and opinions, are not popular and are often subject to criticism.
But these opinions and ideas are necessary to dispel the horde thinking of society.
Yes, we live in a society were popular opinions dominate and even bully the opposite opinions.
Celebrities and so called "persons of authority" make and promote opinions on behalf of the entire society. 
And funnily enough, most of these opinions are not valid, they might be popular or even ideal, but they are simply opinions not based on any scientific or fairness criteria.
I will try to focus hard to find contratian opinions and try to share them, and defend them, and i'm sure i'll stumble on many.

What is an entrepreneur? Are you one?

What is an entrepreneur?

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If you would ask me what is an entrepreneur, i would tell you it’s someone ready to work 24h for a company he / she launched.

Here’s some of the definitions, for source see link above.

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.

There are two distinctive views. The first is the popular view: that entrepreneurs are people who run their own companies, the self-employed or small-business people. The second is Joseph Schumpeter’s view that entrepreneurs are innovators: people who come up with ideas and embody those ideas in high-growth companies.

An individual who, rather than working as an employee, runs a small business and assumes all the risk and reward of a given business venture, idea, or good or service offered for sale. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as a business leader and innovator of new ideas and business processes.

An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of profit. An entrepreneur: Sees an opportunity. Makes a plan. Starts the business. Manages the business. Receives the profits.

 Are you an entrepreneur ?

Prepare yourself to be chocked to know that being a businessman, even a successful businessman might not make you an entrepreneur!!! Reflect on this point a bit before seeing the arguments : What is an Entrepreneur <<

Terrorism targeting and destroying Archeology

What have survived nature and men for thousands of years is falling face to a barbaric group of individuals that apparently do not value neither human lives nor the human history!

The last few days, the terrorist group ISIS, have been destroying human archeological treasures in Iraq and Syria, last year they destroyed a 5000 year old statute in Syria -the last image, this year, they have been more active in destroying few of the most interesting and valuable archeological sites in the world!!!
They started by destroying the content of a big Iraqi museum,
Then using bulldozers they razed 2 ancient cities – UNESCO world heritage sites -shown below, both these cities have been standing for 2300 and 3000 years respectively!

The terrorist group has been campaigning to purge ancient relics they say promote idolatry. A reason that can not even convince a 3 year old baby!

The real reason for such a behavior is probably publicity and propaganda!

These action not only sadden the people of the region, but it does sadden the entire human population, these site belong to humanity, they are the history of humanity, it’s the birthplace of civilization being destroyed by people who want to get rid of civilization!


ISIS destroying Hadar archeological site انباء عن تدمير "داعش" آثار مدينة نمرود التاريخية ISIS destroying Iraqi archeology

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in the US the Women in Leadership is also considered low

Forcing Gender Equality and Diversity on Businesses

in the US the Women in Leadership is also considered low

in the US the Women in Leadership is also considered low

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A couple days ago, Germany voted a law forcing companies to give at least 30% of the company’s board to women.

Even one company with 2/3 of the workforce being women, was criticized for not having enough women on board of directors.

Is this a good idea?

Germany’s Female Chancellor Angela Merkel, thinks so …

If equality should be approached in the strict meaning of the term, then men should get as much office and cashier jobs as women, and women should get as much hard and physically demanding jobs as men!
It’s not the case, isn’t it?Businesses know best what they need, and for what position, so governments should not force businesses to do what is counter productive!

The same with diversity in certain cases (not in general).

Why do i think forcing the companies to have more women leaders is a bad idea?
Because you simply can’t choose random people for leadership, a good manager is not a leader, a good secretary is not a leader and a good employee is not a leader!!! Only a leader is a leader!
The biggest issue that block women from becoming leaders is that they are often not taken too seriously by their fellow male and female colleagues, some choose to be tough just to make their opinions respected, and i don’t think that’s a good solution.

women men business abilities equalityAnother big issue women have, is that they have lack of self confidence, and that’s definitely not a good thing if you want to be a leader.

men women doubts in business
Yet another bad behavior when in leadership is indecisiveness, women often change their opinion a hundred time, don’t believe me? Ask any married guy!

This said, in any company, the pool of women fit for leadership is much smaller than the pool of men fit for leadership, that makes the task of finding the appropriate women to be on the board of companies much harder, and makes the process of selecting female leaders with slightly inferior leadership skills discriminating against the men working in that business.

That’s my friend is putting the feminist agenda, before the capital agenda! And that’s not how business works!

What should be done though, is forcing a 50% quota on politicians, there’s no excuse in a society where women make up half the population, that still only a small number of politicians are females, and that applies worldwide!!! Even when you have a female president, or prime-minister, still less than 20% of politicians are women !!!!


We are all needed !

What is the biggest invention of the 20th century?

Many might say the computer, and they might be right, “the computer” idea have been progressing since the 19th century, especially when Charles Babbage, Considered the “father of the computer”, invented the first mechanical computer in the early 19th century.

But the First modern computer was invented by Alan Turing, he introduced the notion of programming computers,by introducing the notion of a ‘Universal Machine’ , with the idea that such a machine could perform the tasks of any other machine, thus capable of computing anything that is computable by executing a program stored on tape.

This Guy, Alan, was part of a team that broke the Nazi code, and helped the Allies win decisive battles, like in Stalingrad, amongst others. Alan was actually the head of the team, and he almost single handily invented the machine that broke the code (according to his biography movie: the imitation game).

After the war, Alan was robbed, but when he reported the robbery the investigators discovered he was gay, he was convicted, and chemically castrated. At the time he was working on his universal machine, this guy convicted, have seen his lifework ruined, reputation ruined, and access to certain facilities prohibited … he took his life by poison, following the snow white scenario.

Imagine if this guy never existed, the 3rd Reich might have conquered Europe, computers most probably would be still very basic. Now imagine if this guy was never convicted for being gay, the computers and technology we would have now in 2015 would be years more advanced than what we actually have, technology lost a couple decades of potential advancement because our grandparents were less tolerant!

I am a straight guy, married, and do not have any agenda in writing this article, but reality is, we do not know where the next Einstein, Beethoven or Alan Turing will come from. We are all on this earth together, and we need the effort and creativity of every person, to advance and make it a better place for the future generations.

The trailer of the imitation game movie:

Are Women Good or Bad Entrepreneurs ?

Last year, i asked the question if Men were better entrepreneurs than woman, i tried to convince myself that gender has no relation …

But recent statistics made me change my views, now i’m convinced women are bad empire builders, they may be as good as men for small businesses but very few plan or dream of world domination for their niche products or services.

Here’s some stats:
According to the Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census 2014, there are 2,325 billionaires in the world, and only 12% of them are women. That means there’s 286 female billionaires.
Wait it gets worse, from these 286 women only 17% have self-made their fortunes, that’s 48 women out of the 2325 billionaires that can claim to have made their own fortunes.
In total around 66% of billionaires made their own fortunes … so we see a huge difference here!

But some points should be considered:
1. Majority of women are focused on motherhood, while men are testing or building their companies or ideas, thus women enter the game much later.
2. For Men, it is a game of domination, for women it’s about the well being, thus they rarely push their teams to go for domination and stack riches.
3. Tech sector is a big generator of billionaires, and there’s really few women in tech.

charlie hebdo attack

Charlie Hebdo , Truth, Facts, Islamic extremism, Conspiracy?

It’s a sad thing to see journalists die, but it’s even sadder to see cartoonist die!!
Journalist, especially those who choose to report in war torn regions, know the risk, and they take it, because they are the eyes and the ears of the world, and sometimes a shield against mass killing and exterminations, these Journalists are heroes, actually they are super heroes, because when people try to fly from conflict zones, these super heroes try to fly to these troubled zones.

Cartoonists on the other hand, are the goofy neighborhood kid that want to make everybody laugh, cartoonist did not choose to go into war zones, they did not choose the heroic but dangerous mission of reporting the truth. Instead, cartoonists try to approach the current issues with humor, to make you laugh and maybe reconsider your point of views.

I have read somewhere that the attack on Charlie Hebdo does not represent Islam. That’s ridiculous! It’s ridiculous because it makes no sense to associate a religion or race to an act, anyone who does the association is clearly a fool, that you should no waste your time discussing with …
But the real question is why do these extremist Islamic groups want to kill and are killing innocent people?
That’s a long answer, that probably every politician who is serious about foreign policy already knows.
These terrorist organizations have been killing people everywhere, their Muslim victims are hundred of times more than their western victims … “Hence the question, Is this Islam teaching?”, makes no sense ! Even when these terror groups are targeting western populations, there are often also Muslim amongst the victims, for example in the Charlie Hebdo massacre, from the 12 people killed by terrorist, 2 were Muslims.
On the other hand, the Islamic teaching, do talk alot about warfare, mainly due to the fact that Muslims had to take up swords to defend themselves at the beginning of Islam.
This being said, it is quite easy for manipulation experts to manipulate religious zealotry and turn it into extremism, especially due to the strong brotherhood feeling amongst Muslims (putting religion before tribe, race, country and sometimes family).
The Plan of action becomes simple, find a bunch of moderately religious young teens (young adults even better), push them to become religious zealots, the side effect is that this will increase their brotherhood through Islam sensation, then all you have to do is put them in contact with the suffering of their Muslim brothers throughout the world. For example, in the late 90’s photos and videos were widely circulating of Muslim women raped and killed, men and young boys  killed , and mass graves for Muslim population in Kosovo and Bosnia, all perpetrated by the Serb forces, helped extremists present it as the war of infidels against Islam.
The examples of tragedies taken advantage of by extremists, are numerous, from the massacres of Sabra and Shatilla camps (elderly, women and kids massacred – no men were in the camp) in Beirut by the Fallangite Christian forces, to the Israeli massacres in Gaza and Palestinian territories, to the Muslims suffering and persecution in Asia (China,Burma etc..). Add to this the embargo on Iraq the late years of Saddam Hussein that killed thousands of kids due to malnutrition,  the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan etc…

Add to this, a never ending struggle, tension and aggressivety in the Middle east since the creation of Israel, and a sense of oppression in the Muslim world where dictatorships muse conservatives from expressing their opinions or have a saying (see how democratically elected Egyptian president Morsi was toppled by an army general within weeks), and you’ll get a formula to push some extremists to become terrorists.

Sure not all extremists become terrorists, but some will do, and in their mind they are waging a holy war against those waging a war on Islam.

The second important factor is, finding the side manipulating the extremists? , and that can be very difficult to know, and most probably there are several players. Take for example the Afghan soviet war, the extremist were manipulated by the U.S.A to fight the Soviet, since then, many other international players started playing the terrorist card, financing specific groups to execute specific agendas.

It is a Chess game played globally between major players, and very few know what is really going on. Often the leaders behind the attacks are amongst  the first to present their condolences!!

Let’s go back to the Charlie Hebdo massacre: I would like to raise a few questions:
1- How come did the terrorist group know that the weekly meeting was being held?
2- How come the terrorist forget his id in the car, that they hijacked!!! when they take precautions to hide their identity by wearing masks and gloves, the id in the car looks only like a way to either selecting a scapegoat or a way to quickly point fingers so that the audience (with the attention span of a fish) don’t lose interest, without id and fingerprints investigation would have taken at least a week!

Either way, wars, politics and terrorism always choose innocent people to be their victims.

Charlie Hebdo team were defending something they held deer, they were defending the freedom of expression, and more precisely the freedom of making fun of religion and politicians alike. And it’s both these combined that were the bullets that killed these martyrs of Freedom.

charlie hebdo extremism

The Last image cartoon by Chab, making fun of extremists’ promise to attack France, published few hours before the terrorist attack.