Feminism is Radicalism

This is my last blog about the subject of feminism, i have already written a lot about:

Equal pay, Gender discrimination in employment, Men emasculation, Rejecting censusWomen Objectification, Social Gender inequality, Business Lobbying ….

And quite honestly, i think my contrarian views are better expressed on other subjects.

In this last blog, i want to explore the source of the issue, that is the current Feminist movement.
As i said previously, in the past the feminist movements were trying to establish equality between genders, now the feminist movement is trying to establish superiority. This superiority comes in the form of Quotas and better Salaries.
For salaries: check my equal pay post, but it can be resumed in this way: Equal pay means a man and a women get same pay, even-though the women would give birth a couple times, and get maternity leaves, and the company would have additional costs to find and train temps while the women is on maternity leaves.

For jobs, now feminists are asking equality in tech jobs, check my gender discrimination in employment, men never did that.
To understand the logic, just look at ” Nursing” Jobs, in the past, it was a job 100% dominated by women, men did not ask to get quotas is nursing jobs, instead some males just studied the field and applied for the jobs, and with time the percentage of male nurses have become not negligible.

Feminism have been a great current for social change, from voting rights, to driving rights etc … Feminism still have an important role and some causes are fair, even though some are controversial, Abortions for instance.

Feminism was never about creating a struggle between genders, it was never us against you, it was never women power, it was about getting rights.

But Feminism now, is a current just for the sake of empowering women, is pure nonsense and is in fact discrimination, lobbying and radicalization.

For me i can’t see a difference in the 2 groups below, one is saying they will dominate the world, and the other saying they are the future > Same meaning different words!





Gender inequality and discrimination in employment … lobbying 

A follow up to my previous blog post.

Here I want to highlight the recent pressure tech companies started getting to hire more females.

In the lobbying effort the feminist movement have been labeling the low number of females in tech companies as “Gender Inequality”.

In reality, the problem is that there are few women in STEM, maybe simply because usually girls do not like math and engineering domains, as a result, there are less female programmers and engineers than men …

As a result, Tech companies have to get an all female staff for marketing, Human Resources, and any other department that do not involve STEM, just so that they can increase their percentage of female employees … and that ladies and gentlemen is discrimination against males looking for jobs in HR, advertising or any none STEM field.

Another silent discrimination we all ignore, is when females get chosen over males simply because the boss find the candidate sexually attractive. Candidates for a job, should perform interviews and be recruited from behind curtains, and that is specially necessary for small and medium businesses where the owner is usually a male and they usually select women for jobs because of their looks, while when the owner is a female the women get selected as well because it’s easier for a woman to manage other women.

So this is a real gender inequality and discrimination issue.



A comment i found online, in reference to a WSJ article, where Facebook is accused of gender bias, and i find the comment very relevant to this article:

“According to the analysis, female engineers received 35 percent more rejections of their code than male engineers. ”

Explanation for this couldn’t possibly be that female programmers simply write crappier code, could it? And it is not possible that this is linked to companies being under pressure to hire more females just to improve their gender ratio, even if it means giving the job to a less skilled candidate?

Of course we shouldn’t even consider the most obvious and direct explanation. Females are never responsible for their outcomes. Unless their outcomes are positive, of course. Then it is proof of their superiority.

If code written by female programmers was rejected 35 percent *less* often the spin would be that female programmers are better and that companies would be smart to hire them over men.

Discrimination in startups and entrepreneurship

I came across an old CNN video, featuring a famous tech blogger Michael Arrington  saying    ‘I don’t know a single black entrepreneur’,

a study published on CNN pointed out that the vast majority of top executives at the leading Silicon Valley tech firms are white men.

Women and Asians are less frequent but they have an ok presence, but African-American and Latino tech leaders remain a rarity.

And only 1% of entrepreneurs who received venture capital in the first half of last year are black.

This made me reflect on the status of financing when it comes to minorities, I have read an analysis that points out that some weak projects by white & Asian entrepreneurs get financed while much stronger projects with black founders are shunned.

I personally believe that “capital” is not racist, on the contrary, capitalists want to make more money and they won’t care even if you came from outer-space ….. but on the other hand stats don’t lie.

So why Black entrepreneurs and start-ups are shunned when it comes to funding!!

possible answers:

1- Connections : often the right connection is the #1 reason for funding, maybe black entrepreneurs are less connected to investors or share less connections with investors than other minorities /communities.

2- Stereotypes & Hollywood: maybe Latino & African Americans stereotypes trick the investors into thinking that if he invests in a Blacks / Latinos founded start-up he would have to deal with gangster style employees.

3- Better invest in what we know: another reason is that most investors being White, they may prefer to invest in a founder that they judge had a standard way of thinking, and that the other communities do not think the same way the investor do!

This just confirmed my original idea that Connections are the most important factor in an entrepreneur success, and that’s why i started Startupz a club to create connections between entrepreneurs

Black African-American = Poverty + Jail + Welfare + HIV => Why?

In the US. it seams the African American population have not stopped suffering, in the past Back people were used as slaves, then there was a discrimination phase, but after the civil liberties movement, for us outsiders (not Americans) we had the impression that all populations and communities in the United States have more or less the same chances of success and right of a good life.

When writing my previous post about stereotypes, i stumbled on some really chocking data:

In 2009, African Americans comprised 13% of the US population but accounted for 44% of all new HIV infections.

584 000 HIV infected African-American in a population of 39 Million, that 1.5% of population infected, and if you apply this number to adults only , the percentage would probably double giving a 3% of Adult black community in the U.S. infected with HIV.

1 in 15 black adults is in Jail, as is 1 in nine black men between the ages of 20 and 34.

Over a quarter of blacks and Latinos live in poverty, while only a tenth of whites do.

Almost 40% of the welfare goes to the black community even-though they only represent 13% of population

Welfare Demographics
Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 %
Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 %
Percent of recipients who are Hispanic 15.7 %
Percent of recipients who are Asian 2.4 %
Percent of recipients who are Other 3.3 %

An obvious question pops up in my head, Why?

Something is obviously wrong in this picture, some responsibility definitely fall on the government,

but also some fall on the family,  67% of Black or African American Kids live in single-parent families (25% White).

Some responsibility would also fall on the adult Black male, that father babies without an intention to have a family or stay with the mother.

But i think a big responsibility would also fall on the society, and discrimination happening .

I am not American, nor Black, so my personal thoughts on this matter have no value, the reason i am posting these findings is because i believe knowledge help people be better and try to improve, so if these stats would help keep a family together or a person from being infected then this article would have achieved it’s goal.