The merits of Capitalism

Capitalism and globalization are not a bad thing, because they allow optimization of human production.


Increase country wealth and decrease unemployment by improving education

Many countries are underdevelopped, many more are suffering economical dificulties, and yet the solution is obvious and simple!
Education is the solution to any problem, but it is often a long term investment, and it needs politicians that have understood the global situation and have realised that a country in the 21st century can not isolate itself from the world, instead they should educate their population in a way to be able to compete with other countries! The globalisation have without any doubt increased the competition, it also have reduced the job offers and increased the gap between rich and poor. So now international companies are dominating the markets forcing small businesses to close, and thus instead of having 20 small business employing 30 people, now multinational branch can deploy on a market employing 5 people, grabing 50% of market share, and forcing 10 businesses to close doors, and thus we have 10 less people employed, or 30% of the working force!
Not taking in consideration, the web services which have put many small businesses out of business!
What can be done you say? Innovate and Educate!
To innovate, you will need smart people, so you will need to have a good, Logical educational system! Teach these kids something the can use when they grow up!
If China or India started to give high quality education, then the entire world will be dominated by the nation having such a big population and high education!
Education is the best investment a company can make in it’s future, but as any other investment, it will depend on several factors like the nature or specifications of the population in question (hard working, lazy, ponctual, etc…) but still education will remain the best investment a country can make!