How much truth / lies in the media these days ?

I was reading earlier today an article about a very fat Egyptian lady “Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty” that underwent a weight loss program, and was said to have lost more than 400 pounds.
The article was about how the lady got paralyzed, and in the article her sister is saying how the Indian hospital and doctor were exaggerating the numbers just for publicity, and in reality she only lost a fraction of the weight.

The article goes in details about what a bad experience it was, and how it was life threatening, and how the lady went into comas several times.
The funny thing, is that this news outlet have been writing a lot about this specific lady, before she got paralyzed. And now you realize that all previous articles were bull$hit.

They say the media lies, but does it really ? Or simply, it is manipulated, and accept manipulation for the sake of viewers and readers ?

Another article caught my attention, emphasizing money donated by a country A for the reconstruction of country B, while country A have been actively waging war on certain community in country B and effectively have the prime role in the destruction caused.

Then today, i watched a funny Quebecois film “Votez Bougon”

It is basically ends on a note of the relation between power and press …

So at the end of the day, between power influence and manipulation, most of the news are lies are sheep manipulation.


Blogging the free media

This is my 100’s post, to celebrate it i’ll write about Blogging!

In these times when Media outlets are supposed to be independent & neutral, while they have proven themselves again and again not to be, blogs are offering some fresh air of free and independent opinions!

Sometime ago, the media used to care about small and medium businesses, we used to see reports or interviews on TV and articles in the press, this has decreased dramatically, instead businesses are relying now on  Blogs outreach to tell their stories, if this indicates something, it definitely indicates the smaller and smaller role mainstream media have in our societies!

More and more people are getting their news from websites instead of the TV station, and more and more people are getting their news from websites that are not affiliated with media conglomerates!

Aljazeera website hacked – offline – cyberwar

it seams everybody is getting more cyber these days , i won’t be surprised if future wars become cyber and digital wars,

the damage is not less important anyway,

yesterday aljazeera website was hacked

few months earlier there was a cyberwar in the middle east!

last year Chinese hackers hacked the US chamber of commerce.

or even hacking US satellites

The blogging platform of Reuters News website was hacked last month and a fake posting saying Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal had died was posted on a Reuters journalist’s blog.

Last month, Qatar’s Rasgas, the world’s 2nd -biggest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter, found a virus in its office computer network, just two weeks after the world’s biggest oil producer, Saudi Aramco, in neighbouring Saudi Arabia was hacked into.

i guess in the coming years wars will be more cyber and less bloodshed which is good !