Month: February 2013

How to smuggle Drugs? shoot them with a Cannon!

Drug smugglers might be high on drugs most of the time, but when they are not they have some amazingly creative ideas to smuggle Drugs!
Sure you have heard before of drugs smuggled in rectum (the ass), now the Mexican police have uncovered a new way,
The drug gangs are shooting drugs over the borders from Mexico to California (U.S.A) using a cannon.
You might say, what’s the big deal?
The canon is locally made, thus an amateur cannon that was tested and calibrated to send the Marihuana packages far enough to avoid being caught by border police and precise enough to not lose the drugs, and most of all gentle enough to not destroy or burn the package!

below picture of seized drug cannon!


Arabs – how oil money is wasted!

Civilized countries invest in their companies, in their population,
the money create more money and more riches …. except in the Arab world
the oil money is squandered on lavish products.
the longest yacht “Azam” will cost more than half a billion $.
that’s enough to fund 1000 startup with $500.000 each
or even 2000 startups with $250.000 each
or eventually 5000 startups with $100.000 each

Do you know what does this mean, your royalty, the Prince or king bying this yatch;
it means with only the money used to buy this yatch, you can create a potential silicon valley in any country!

in the arab world you can even create 10.000 startup with this amount of money!
it’s a shame that while young Arab entrepreneurs are strugling to find funding, those who can help,
prefer to spend it on useless products.

Horse instead of French beef, who knows maybe pork dogs or cats aswell , halal , kosher , vegeterian Not really

There’s a big scandal around Findus, that was caught selling food using horse meat instead of beef,

Findus said it had been told that its products were being made with French beef, not Romanian horsemeat.
Question: told by who? your products and you don’t know what they contain!

Findus blames a Romanian producer. The French arm of Findus said it will file a legal complaint Monday against the unnamed Romanian business.
“We were deceived,” Findus France said in a statement. “There are two victims in this affair: Findus and the consumer.”

So: You admit on deceiving consumer: sure you did not expect horse meat, but you were pretending it is French meat instead it’s Romanian! so it’s still deceiving!

In another case, last month, Irish investigators found horse and pig DNA in numerous hamburger products.

It’s no secret, most companies in Europe are outsourcing but when you buy a product that is supposed to contain beef, you should not get horse meat instead! Some people do not see horses as food, so tricking them into thinking it’s beef is a crime and should be punished!

That’s what have been uncovered, the real question is how many other cases were not? who knows maybe we are eating dogs and cats without even knowing! or even donkeys and mules!

What about the people that follow a specific diet, like Vegetarians that require vegeterian oil to be used in their food, or Halal and Kosher food that require no pig products and a certain treatment of animals while slaughtered.
Is there really a respect to what people wish to eat or it’s up to the businessman to determine what better suits his pocket then print and stick false information on the cover!

China copying Western monuments means dominance over Western world – according to Chinese culture

Our grandparents used to buy products made locally, having a product made in other country was considered an exception.
Our parents used to buy products made all over the world, having a product made locally was considered an exception.
We buy products made in China, finding a product made anywhere else is an exception!

Chinese cheap labor have successfully took over the global industry, everything is made in china (with few exception),
even products that have high profit margin, iPhones for example, made in China …

in Wall Street Journal article :

They are reporting of a craze of cloning World Buildings in China, any famous building or cultural heritage is cloned, from Eiffel tower to the White house!

To understand why, you should understand the Chinese culture:
according to WSJ:

In pre-modern China, emperors demonstrated their dominance by re-creating rival territories within their own.
China’s emperors also used copycat buildings to convey their mastery—actual or anticipated—over their adversaries. In the third century B.C., the First Emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi, commemorated his conquest of six rival kingdoms by ordering that exact replicas of their palaces be built in his capital.

Lebanon No longer a tourist destination!

I am a Lebanese citizen, and when i accidentally found out the below info, it was surprising and saddening!

Lebanon is a nice small country with great weather, great people and great food. Millions of tourists come to Lebanon to enjoy the beach and mountains at the same time! yes it’s possible within 1 hour you can go from swimming at the beach to enjoying a walk at 2000-2500 m high mountains.

The food is great, i have lived in many countries, but the Lebanese food and fast food is the best!

Anyway, i recently found out that there are many travel warnings on Lebanon:

the Canadian Government travel website says:

Flag of Lebanon


AVOID NON-ESSENTIAL TRAVEL; see also regional advisories. updated :December 13, 2012

The US Governmental Travel website:

September 17, 2012

The Department of State urges U.S. citizens to avoid all travel to Lebanon because of current safety and security concerns. U.S. citizens living and working in Lebanon should understand that they accept risks in remaining and should carefully consider those risks. This supersedes the Travel Warning issued on May 8, 2012, to emphasize information on security, kidnappings, and an upsurge in violence in Lebanon and the region.

The UK governmental travel website:

The overall level of this advice has not changed. We advise against all travel to the city of Tripoli and Palestinian refugee camps and against all but essential travel to the Bekaa valley, to within 5km of the Syrian border, to the southern city of Saida, and to areas south of the Litani river.

The Australian Governmental travel website:

Lebanon –
23/11/2012 –
Middle East –
Reconsider your need to travel

Blogs & blogging

How i started blogging….
This is my first blog, or at least the first blog i really blogged in!

My first real blog was a microsoft live (or whatever it’s name was), eventhough i did not really use it but i can say that at least i have posted a couple blog posts on it!

Then i had a blog on blogger i think, but again was useless because did not really blog using it!

But since i found the wordpress iphone app, i really started blogging! Maybe not on a daily basis, but still frequently!

Today i celebrate my 50th blog post! Hurray!
(this was in draft so it became number 52)