Month: May 2013

Day in Day out !

The definition of Day in Day out is Every day routine;

this include boredom , routine and heavy frustration …

the speaker in the bellow video took his life because he was clinically depressed … but the points he makes in the video are true and valid.

In 2005, author David Foster Wallace was asked to give the commencement address to the 2005 graduating class of Kenyon College. here’s the speech:

The idea, don’t get sucked into the system, try to stay free and don’t give too much importance to what isn’t …..

if these advices are followed suicide rates would be much lower than they are today


Modern day slavery … check the families savings rates

Slavery was a good thing to rulers and slave owners, it allowed them to focus on executing tasks without taking in consideration much the human element!

Slaves built pyramids, slaves built cities …. but then slaves revolted Spartacus revolt in Rome and many other revolts as well, then somehow workers started getting more and more organized and started getting more rights …

but if we look at the bigger picture, if we look at the families saving rates, we notice that they are very small , somehow the system was successful in creating dependence … by not letting families save money, employees become dependent and would be less ready to take risks. And to top it all, at the end of the year the government tax you 5-10-20% of your income and thus left at the end of the day with almost nothing, so basically the systems are done in a way to let you have the impression of freedom while in reality you are not.

you ask about slavery this is modern day slavery! you are not free my friend, your bills will haunt you every end of the month, and thus oblige you to conform to society, you conform or you are an outcast and you’ll end up in the streets, that’s the core of the system created by the enlighted ones.

You are pressured by society to conform, the more you are able to save the more the expectation of society are more expensive, society is modeled by the media and the media is run by the tycoons.

below is a table of savings (% of revenue) by households in the EU:

modern day slavery

modern day slavery

The level of corruption and public money wasting in Arab countries

When corruption is coupled with stupidity & ignorance you get a recipe for a disaster.

A british con artist sold thousands of devices that are supposed to detect bombs, the buyers big companies & governments in several middle eastern countries.

He was found later to be a big con artist and that the device he was selling had absolutely no utility! and yet millions were spend on these devices in Iraq, Afghanistan etc …

How was it possible you may ask?
The answer is:
1- Ignorance & Stupidity : most if not all these so called security people probably have never had any proper education in explosives, they never studied the chemical principals, they never tested and most importantly they are too stupid to question anything.

2- Trust the British: the seller being a British man, they already lowered their guards, then all that is needed to be done by the con artist was to showcase some tricked tests and they are sold … no need to worry, they are to lazy to test on their owns.

3- Corruption, the guy knew what should be done, he gave money to some key people and he landed huge deals with governments, at this stage he could have sold crap and they would have believed him it’s gold.

As a result hundreds if not thousands lost their lives due to the fake sense of security, and to the fact that these stupid buyers bought toys instead of having trained bomb detection dogs.