The merits of Capitalism

Capitalism and globalization are not a bad thing, because they allow optimization of human production.


Are Women Good or Bad Entrepreneurs ?

Last year, i asked the question if Men were better entrepreneurs than woman, i tried to convince myself that gender has no relation …

But recent statistics made me change my views, now i’m convinced women are bad empire builders, they may be as good as men for small businesses but very few plan or dream of world domination for their niche products or services.

Here’s some stats:
According to the Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census 2014, there are 2,325 billionaires in the world, and only 12% of them are women. That means there’s 286 female billionaires.
Wait it gets worse, from these 286 women only 17% have self-made their fortunes, that’s 48 women out of the 2325 billionaires that can claim to have made their own fortunes.
In total around 66% of billionaires made their own fortunes … so we see a huge difference here!

But some points should be considered:
1. Majority of women are focused on motherhood, while men are testing or building their companies or ideas, thus women enter the game much later.
2. For Men, it is a game of domination, for women it’s about the well being, thus they rarely push their teams to go for domination and stack riches.
3. Tech sector is a big generator of billionaires, and there’s really few women in tech.