2 million iphone5 in 24h !!! Apple is the smartphone king

Apple sold over 2 million iphone 5 (pre-orders) in 24h.

wow, that’s amazing!

The price for the unlocked iPhone 5 16 GB is $649, 32 GB is $749, and 64 GB is $849 officially.

so if we take the medium value which is 749 multiply it by 2 millions it gives us 1498 000 000

that’s 1.5 billion$ in sales in just 24h,
and probably between 700 million and 1 billion $ in profit in 24h



Updating wordpress and facebook iphone apps

Just updated both wordpress and facebook iphone applications, and both are 100 times better than the old versions,
Wordpress previous iphone application version was ok, it wasn’t bad at all but the new one is much more user friendly!
As for facebook iphone app, the previous version was a very bad application in my opinion, everything was wrong in it, the new version is much much more and much faster!!
I have heard that this is much faster from different sources including Mark zuckerberg, who said that the new version was rebuilt from scratch, having speed in mind

iphone lost

Since my 3 year old kid discovered he can play games on my phone, i am losing more access more and more to my iphone,

so this is my first blog post that i write through a web browser! but 2 days ago i downloaded a puzzle style iphone app for my kid,

he loved it! but the problem i can no longer have access to my iphone because it is in my kid’s little hands all the time, i basically lost my iphone :°) !!!

just in case you came to this post because you actually lost your iphone (i am sorry for your loss), you can find here some information more interesting about iphone application for : finding lost iphone


Video games increasing level of addiction and isolation

Years ago, when people wanted to have fun they went to the arcades, where there were big machines with simple games like car racing etc …
Young people went in groups to have fun, and played for few min / hours max.

Then the video games were invented, making it possible to have these games in your home, so the gaming went from being something u do in group to something you do with 1-2 friends, and gaming time went exponentially. Addiction to gaming started to increase, but still you needed a TV, so it remained socially controlled.

And then came the PC games, individual gaming started to be the norm, with exception when connecting few PCs and playing on a network, Addiction time increased more and more due to the fact that this is a personal computer, and thus you had less social restrictions.

Then came the browser gaming, not only you was able to access your game from your home pc, but also in work, school, etc… Isolating players more and more and addiction rised even more.

And finally came the smartphone ( iphone , android) games, so your game is with you wherever you go, your addiction is at it’s highest levels, totally isolated from social life ….

– zoulou

Connecting wordpress blog to iphone

I was never the blogger type of people, well not untill i discovered the wordpress iphone application, it made blogging an entirely new experience for me!!!
The process is simple,
Go to the iphone / androide application store,
Download the wordpress official application,
Choose the apropriate option
Then put in your login details,
Voila, you have accessed your blog
Where you can type/ edit/ moderate etc …
If you are able to read this post that means it work 😉

– posted from my iPhone 🙂