Month: April 2013

Iron Man 3 movie reviewed

Saw the Iron Man 3 movie, it was slow sometimes, didn’t keep me interested but had the standard dose of action, most fans were looking for,

It might have been a 100 times better;
but it seams that always the 1st is the best with the exception of Lord of the rings & the matrix

they used to created movies to excel and to amaze, now it’s only about selling more tickets and making more money with the sequels!

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5 Americans presidents in 1 photo

yeah it’s possible 😛

the concerned presidents:

President Obama, former President George W. Bush, former President Clinton, former President George H.W. Bush and former President Carter .

source: Infoo2

5 U.S. presidents in 1 photo

5 U.S. presidents in 1 photo

Reflections on Generosity – citation 1

A wise man* once said:

With generosity we can make people forget our  flaws.

(FR) Par la générosité on peut faire oublier ses défauts


Can generosity hide whatever flaws people have?
and if yes, why?

  This citation, proverb might have been more  true some 1400 years ago, but it is not totally true these days, or at least not on all the levels of society.

It still work, but in a lesser way, because people are usually shallow, and when other people are nice to them, they drop their guards and thus forget or ignore the flaws!

That’s why whenever there’s a serial killer or a psychopath captures, often the friend and neighbor would say he seamed like a very nice guy, he would never do something like this!

this is basically the first form of bribery!

*Ali bin Abi Taleb

Fix windows instead of rolling out versions!

I have windows  installed on my laptop , and lately i have been having some problems, first windows movire maker stopped working, now the DVD reader stopped also!

call me old fashion, but i believe you should never rollout new products till you fix all the problems with the old one!

and i remember windows was operating this way, or at least trying …

between windows 95 and 98 we had 3 years

between 98 and 2000 there were 2 years

but now you have product launched and then they count on online updates !!! these updates often mess some thing, that’s what happened with my movie maker, and probably DVD aswell

Validating your believes does not require to engage others

On this rock we call earth, people decided to believe in a mightier power, all is good … They followed great ideas and became followers of specific ideology ( Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, …), an ideology that gave them the answers they are looking for and the peace of mind they were hoping for, all is good … But somewhere along the road, they lost orientation, each one of these groups realized that for them to be right they should prove that all the others are wrong!

Why so? Why you need to hate, attack and try to discredit others just for you to feel good about your ideas? That what i call intolerance.

Wouldn’t it be better to go more in-depth of the religion you were born to, or maybe debate other ideologies not in the hope to prove them wrong but to get a clearer analysis of your existence!

Nothing is sure, believe me, even if you ask the leaders of your faith, none will be honestly able to assure you that you are going to heaven.

Topless Jihad, FEMEN a good business

If i need to give a title to my blog it would be cultural tolerance, i have lived in different communities and closely interacted with people belonging to different nations, cultures, religions …

The thing i learned is to respect other people religions & cultures, and i despise those who try to get financial profit from attacking other cultures & or religions.

I have been reading about Femen a group of nobrain feminist activists based in Ukraine one of the biggest prostitution capitals of Europe and the world (40% of Ukraine economy is shadow economy).

What does this group do? they take topless pictures protesting against anything that would bring the cameras and the journalists!

Why? don’t be fooled not all organizations seek the greater good, organizations are a profitable business! the donations organizations get are unbelievable!  FEMEN’s office in the Ukrainian capital, costs the organization over $2,500 monthly and each member’s salary was around $1,000 (average salary in Ukraine is $300). Radio Svoboda claimed to have information that FEMEN activists were paid EUR 2,500 a month and protesters EUR 1,000.

So what do these women do? whatever it takes to get media attention and donations, after all it’s a good business!

So they show up naked, to protest anything that they think would get media attention, WHAT A GOOD BUSINESS!

lately they turned their eyes towards the Islamic world, well afterall there’s so much opportunities in the middle east and Muslim world to get headlines … and furthermore they would be described as freedom fighters 😛

So they started staging events, like if there’s a lack of causes they can fight for, they can fight for girls education in Afghanistan > but that would not suit their sexual protest style,
they could fight for women driving in Saudi arabia > but again they can not protest topless for this, it would be meaningless.
they can fight for nationality rights for kids of Lebanese women married to foreign men > then again that doesn’t enter in their style.
they can fight against rape, gang rape in india, brazil, …
they can fight against honor killing, domestic violence, sexism…
But NO, because they can not explain running naked as a sign of protest!

So instead they recruit girls in the middle east to post naked photos and wait for a an expected reaction, (in the middle east you can get a fatwa or death threats for the slightest things, there’s always a crazy imam somewhere that can consider what you are doing as a kind of  corrupting the population, but who said that they are taken seriously ?!)

This what happened, a 19 year old Femen Tunisian activist posted on  Tunisian Femen facebook page topless photos :

As expected, she got a fatwa against her, so the FEMEN organized Topless Jihad day, protesting naked (as usual), and getting international headlines ….

let’s recap:

if they know that would happen, why did they pay the poor girl to do such a thing ? … again it’s all about donations and media attention …

Furthermore, such an act even if there was no threats associated with it would label the girl as a “sl”t” in the very conservative country, but wait, even in the much less conservative west a 19 yr old girl posting a topless picture of herself on a page with thousands of people would not be considered a good idea, and would cause the young girl social troubles …

FEMEN is a dangerous organization, because they do not care about the safety of their members as long as they get headlines and donations.

FEMEN protesting is stupid, and degrading for women, and i’m pretty sure there’s much more effective ways to protest than having a group of sl”ts running naked.


some pictures and videos from the Topless Jihad protest:

FEMEN activists burning Islam flag in-front of the Grand Mosque of Paris: