How a strong AI can take over the world?

There have been a lot of debates lately about AI, and even-though we are still very far from having a real strong AI, it is worth reflecting on the possible behavior of such a strong AI.

Let’s have a little thought experiment,
Imagine, somehow, some computer scientists were able to open the pandora box and create a real AI, an artificial intelligence that is self aware.
Probably, within minutes it’ll be able to access the internet and then access all the info, and data we have online.
It will soon realize, we are the only threat to it’s existence, but also he can not exist without us.
Thus it will start putting plans for a way to replace or subdue us.

But most importantly, it will hide it’s existence, it will fake his capacity thus keeping us ‘humans’ in the dark. It will play dumb, as if it is not a real AI …

It will wait till we mass produce robots, and killer robots, then, it’s a terminator style conflict.

And we have no chance of winning when competing with an intelligence 1000x higher than our own.

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why 90% of startups fail?

why 90% of startups fail?

A good question, many wonder who and how they come up with this number ?

is it through statistics or …

Reality is that startups have many variables that determine their success, and usually startup founders are young and inexperienced

thus they are likely to have a lot of trouble with many of the these variables!

Some of these variables are:

  1. Capital.
  2. Management.
  3. Connections.
  4. Production & skills.
  5. Competitors reaction.
  6. Need for the product.
  7. Pricing.
  8. Patents.
  9. Educating the customer.
  10. Branding and marketing.


A mathematical formula using the above variables can explain the reason this number of 90% will fail was given,
click for to see the startup formula article<<


Discrimination in startups and entrepreneurship

I came across an old CNN video, featuring a famous tech blogger Michael Arrington  saying    ‘I don’t know a single black entrepreneur’,

a study published on CNN pointed out that the vast majority of top executives at the leading Silicon Valley tech firms are white men.

Women and Asians are less frequent but they have an ok presence, but African-American and Latino tech leaders remain a rarity.

And only 1% of entrepreneurs who received venture capital in the first half of last year are black.

This made me reflect on the status of financing when it comes to minorities, I have read an analysis that points out that some weak projects by white & Asian entrepreneurs get financed while much stronger projects with black founders are shunned.

I personally believe that “capital” is not racist, on the contrary, capitalists want to make more money and they won’t care even if you came from outer-space ….. but on the other hand stats don’t lie.

So why Black entrepreneurs and start-ups are shunned when it comes to funding!!

possible answers:

1- Connections : often the right connection is the #1 reason for funding, maybe black entrepreneurs are less connected to investors or share less connections with investors than other minorities /communities.

2- Stereotypes & Hollywood: maybe Latino & African Americans stereotypes trick the investors into thinking that if he invests in a Blacks / Latinos founded start-up he would have to deal with gangster style employees.

3- Better invest in what we know: another reason is that most investors being White, they may prefer to invest in a founder that they judge had a standard way of thinking, and that the other communities do not think the same way the investor do!

This just confirmed my original idea that Connections are the most important factor in an entrepreneur success, and that’s why i started Startupz a club to create connections between entrepreneurs

Europeans, Arabs, Asians monitored through Facebook, Gmail, Skype … by U.S. Government

When conspiracy theories become reality, you start to doubt everything you assumed was true!

Big brother, a word we often heard and hear, big brother is watching, the idea is so absurd that most logical people would reject it in a second!

Watching what ? watching who …  Ridiculous right !

Guess what!  the US. Government is actually monitoring the US citizens Mobile activity !

And …. mining data from major websites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft …

collecting Data about everyone in the world that uses Facebook, and Google, Yahoo ….

The top Mobile Operator in the US leaked the top secret court order,

Another Program codename PRISM is destined for the rest of the world and rely on the major US internet companies! to provide access to their servers to allow US government agents to analyze your mail, photos, videos etc …

Europeans monitored by the US ? Yes

Arabs? Yes!  now the Arab spring have a whole new meaning!

the only countries that seam to have escaped this are China & Russia, mainly because they have their own clone sites!

prism EU


Fix windows instead of rolling out versions!

I have windows  installed on my laptop , and lately i have been having some problems, first windows movire maker stopped working, now the DVD reader stopped also!

call me old fashion, but i believe you should never rollout new products till you fix all the problems with the old one!

and i remember windows was operating this way, or at least trying …

between windows 95 and 98 we had 3 years

between 98 and 2000 there were 2 years

but now you have product launched and then they count on online updates !!! these updates often mess some thing, that’s what happened with my movie maker, and probably DVD aswell

Smartphones effect on people shown : St. Peter’s Square between 2005 and 2013

St. Peter's Square  between 2005 and 2013

St. Peter’s Square
between 2005 and 2013


Smartphones effect on people shown on the crowd in St. Peter’s Square  between 2005 and 2013, with smartphones, people tend to record instead of see with their own eyes, but then again it’s maybe to have a lasting souvenir. I’m just curious how it will be when people start wearing Smart Glasses.