Feminism is Radicalism

This is my last blog about the subject of feminism, i have already written a lot about:

Equal pay, Gender discrimination in employment, Men emasculation, Rejecting censusWomen Objectification, Social Gender inequality, Business Lobbying ….

And quite honestly, i think my contrarian views are better expressed on other subjects.

In this last blog, i want to explore the source of the issue, that is the current Feminist movement.
As i said previously, in the past the feminist movements were trying to establish equality between genders, now the feminist movement is trying to establish superiority. This superiority comes in the form of Quotas and better Salaries.
For salaries: check my equal pay post, but it can be resumed in this way: Equal pay means a man and a women get same pay, even-though the women would give birth a couple times, and get maternity leaves, and the company would have additional costs to find and train temps while the women is on maternity leaves.

For jobs, now feminists are asking equality in tech jobs, check my gender discrimination in employment, men never did that.
To understand the logic, just look at ” Nursing” Jobs, in the past, it was a job 100% dominated by women, men did not ask to get quotas is nursing jobs, instead some males just studied the field and applied for the jobs, and with time the percentage of male nurses have become not negligible.

Feminism have been a great current for social change, from voting rights, to driving rights etc … Feminism still have an important role and some causes are fair, even though some are controversial, Abortions for instance.

Feminism was never about creating a struggle between genders, it was never us against you, it was never women power, it was about getting rights.

But Feminism now, is a current just for the sake of empowering women, is pure nonsense and is in fact discrimination, lobbying and radicalization.

For me i can’t see a difference in the 2 groups below, one is saying they will dominate the world, and the other saying they are the future > Same meaning different words!





Gender inequality and discrimination in employment … lobbying 

A follow up to my previous blog post.

Here I want to highlight the recent pressure tech companies started getting to hire more females.

In the lobbying effort the feminist movement have been labeling the low number of females in tech companies as “Gender Inequality”.

In reality, the problem is that there are few women in STEM, maybe simply because usually girls do not like math and engineering domains, as a result, there are less female programmers and engineers than men …

As a result, Tech companies have to get an all female staff for marketing, Human Resources, and any other department that do not involve STEM, just so that they can increase their percentage of female employees … and that ladies and gentlemen is discrimination against males looking for jobs in HR, advertising or any none STEM field.

Another silent discrimination we all ignore, is when females get chosen over males simply because the boss find the candidate sexually attractive. Candidates for a job, should perform interviews and be recruited from behind curtains, and that is specially necessary for small and medium businesses where the owner is usually a male and they usually select women for jobs because of their looks, while when the owner is a female the women get selected as well because it’s easier for a woman to manage other women.

So this is a real gender inequality and discrimination issue.



A comment i found online, in reference to a WSJ article, where Facebook is accused of gender bias, and i find the comment very relevant to this article:

“According to the analysis, female engineers received 35 percent more rejections of their code than male engineers. ”

Explanation for this couldn’t possibly be that female programmers simply write crappier code, could it? And it is not possible that this is linked to companies being under pressure to hire more females just to improve their gender ratio, even if it means giving the job to a less skilled candidate?

Of course we shouldn’t even consider the most obvious and direct explanation. Females are never responsible for their outcomes. Unless their outcomes are positive, of course. Then it is proof of their superiority.

If code written by female programmers was rejected 35 percent *less* often the spin would be that female programmers are better and that companies would be smart to hire them over men.

Equal Pay is Not Fair

Today it’s International Women’s day, so I have a couple blogs to share about different issues.

First I wish to tackle the Equal Pay cause.

Equal Pay have been one of the battles of Feminists since some time, and actually it is completely and utterly wrong, and here’s why:

1- The salaries are usually negotiated, so every individual have the possibility to accept or reject the salary.

2- Women have more away of work time, like pregnancies, pregnancy leaves, sick kids … that poses problems for the employers, especially during pregnancies, when employers must find and train substitutes.
Simply put, to compare 2 salaries, you need to have same conditions, and when hiring women and men, these same conditions are not there. When plotted business wise, you have men that take x days away from work/year and women that take y days away from work/year. And y is always more than x, and sometimes can be multiple of x.

Here you go, that’s why men get paid more than women, and that is fair!

Women’s March Against Trump?

There’s something amusing happening around the world …

There’s few dozens women’s marches taking place in several major cities …

The amusing part is that it’s women’s marches, why it’s amusing ? because they are objecting the democratic election of a US president.

So these chicks either don’t understand the word democracy, or have a problem realizing that they will not get what they want!

In other words, these are the “empowered” women that have been holding the flag of emasculating men for a long time, and now they are not happy that a women wasn’t able to get the throne.

Again, i’m not a Trump supporter, i’m not even American. I have no idea what kind of president he will be, and honestly don’t care!

This post was intentionally written in a male chauvinistic tone, because let’s be honest what’s happening is childish.


Edit: Having reflected on this subject for more than 10 minutes, i realize why women in general are expressing their disapproval of trump presidency, whether image wise -trophy wife- or more concrete subjects -abortion aid ban-.

The last of the real men !

I would like to classify this in the category of contrarian thinking, but in reality this is simply freethinking, basic logical analysis.

What differentiate a man from a woman, well, go to any gym and you’ll immediately spot the difference, the average woman is training with a 1 pound dumbbell, while the average guy is training with a 40 pound dumbbell.
Men are bigger, much stronger and with a hormone that makes them more aggressive and more assertive, all these qualities where the reason why the human history so far was mostly if not entirely written by men.

But things are changing, the feminist movement, which was born to give the women their rightful rights of equality, have with time morphed to become a freak that works hard to strip men from their manhood. Yes, it’s no longer about being equal in the eyes of society, now feminists are waging wars to denigrate men’s instinctive behaviors, lobbying for equal job opportunities in sectors where females under-perform, and downright trying to reshape the male ideal image towards  the image of a woman with a d#ck!
The new image of women, is that they should go out try few dozen men, the settle on a guy whom they can basically control.

Since when women wear the pants in the house ? In eastern society this is a laughable situation, in western society this is the norm!
Since when women should have so many sexual partners, and why the heck should men settle with these modern day wh@res!

Yes for equality as citizens, yes for equality as partners, but hell no for trying to pacify us! The feminists are pushing towards the extension of Alpha males, why ? Because these Alpha males are ridiculed, and accused of sexual harassment!
Let me give you a couple examples:

Cat calling: Defined as a whistle, shout, or a sexual move, is considered as sexual harassment, across the US the laws/punishment for street harassers falls into the hands of the state. In Illinois there are laws that relate to street harassment. Laws such as disorderly conduct, intimidation or soliciting a sexual act can be used in court if a report is filed. All good, till you realize that this is probably how your grandparents met, and your grand grand parents met, and so on to the beginning of early communities. So in theory if you see a beautiful girl walking and you tell her she’s beautiful hoping to be able to get to know her, you can end up in jail. But then we wonder why some guys have problems finding dates, or worse we rely on websites to find us life partners (don’t get me wrong, i run several dating site, i don’t want to spit on my food, but that’s not natural!).

Mansplaining: When a guy interrupts a girl, and tell her let me explain, well, there’s a reason why he interrupts, as you might have noticed many women can’t stop talking (some men too), the feminist love to use this term to ridicule men that exhibit some alpha male behavior.

Dear feminists, you want real equality ? earn it! push for no makeup and no breast plastic surgery. Ask for women to be chosen for jobs when they have no makeup and are in descent clothes. Yeah, don’t take men for fools, half the jobs women get are based entirely on their fake looks, you want real equality ask the women of not taking advantage of their sexual image to get things done!

Here’s the qualities of real men (funnily none of these are major qualities for women):
– A real man do not gossip
– A real man’s word is his bond
– A real man is the man of the house
– A real man can and is willing to defend himself and his family.


Advertising Companies will always be objectifying women

When it comes to advertising, anything that can create buzz is and will always be used !!! I know because i happen to run an advertising company with it’s Buzz creating and PR sections.

So that would seam weird for people in the industry, to hear that an Ad agency -none the less- is waging war against objectifying women in ads … But from the basic principle of PR, you would immediately understand that the campaign goal is to hijack feminists agenda, for indirect self promotion.

here’s the video by the agency:
They basically searched on the internet for ads objectifying women throughout the world …

I am not saying it is ok, to show women in every ad, but it seams that the image of sexy women is way more effective to attract the attention of MEN, and that’s why agencies have been using the image of women since ever, also that’s why they hire more female receptionists, and why modeling agencies hire mostly female models  …

Reality is, humans operate on basic instincts, especially when in automated mode, breeding, hunger and fear are huge factors in our decision making, even-though most of us don’t even realize that. Read the emotional role in advertising.

That’s why Sex sells when it comes to advertising, and when it comes to business and capital, what works is often reproduced and considered a rule of success.

It’s true that in some cases the agencies are rude and highly unprofessional, for example this agency in Singapore that made this Burger King ad , got probably a lot of negative press. But they say all press is good press.


But then again, the views are what interest the agencies and the customer, so you could see why Car’s Jr Superbowl Ad featured a naked woman, well because if it didn’t they would have to work 30-40 times harder to make the ad get the same attention and viewership, and that’s 30 time the budget of the ad …

Objectifying women, is not going anytime soon, simply because it is effective in selling stuff to men! But then again, the only way that would happen is if you go to live in Saudi Arabia or other religiously strict countries, were laws forbid this type of ads, or if laws are passed to block the use, but that would be a challenge to the freedom of speech.

-On a side note, as a man, i am sorry, but we men, are too rough, except for flagrant mistakes like the Burger King ad above, most of us see nothing wrong in featuring a sexy woman in an ad –



Gender equality & Gender discrimination: the reality !

In the spirit of the contrarian opinions, i have decided to write today about a subject we have been hearing about a lot lately. The approach i’ll take is based on what i observed even-though, it’s not the popular point of view.
Again, i precise, this is a contrarian blog (the opinions are contrary to what is popular these days), the opinions are based on facts, so if you can’t handle facts, F!off.

Gender Equality ,

what is the reality of Gender discrimination?

I have been pondering on this subject in my head since at least a year, there was many articles at the time about how few women are in tech, and many considered the tech sector as discriminating against women…

Since then, i have been trying to analyze the reality of gender discrimination.

First, i would like to distinguish between the women rights activists of the 1800’s – to 1960/70 and the Feminists of the modern age, you can not in any way compare these 2.
Women rights activists were fighting for basic rights and proper rights, like learning, voting, driving, etc …
As for the feminists of these days, they are fighting for privileges and quotas.

This being said, that does not negate the fact, that in many parts of the worlds – not the western world though – many women are being oppressed, and gender discrimination is a reality!


What is the role of males ?

As a biologist, i tend to compare humans to other organisms …

Some female insects, devour the male right after mating with it. Some other animals keep the male population to a minimum.
For some species, males have a harem of females, and for others they compete to get the female.

From this point of view, we see that our human species was always almost equal in numbers of females and males, hence no importance of a gender over the other.
We also realize the role males had to play, from providing food to protecting the tribe, the reason for that role is that males are not only much stronger and robust than women, they are also bigger, which is an important factor in protection against wild beasts or enemy tribes.
Due to this, men became the doers, and women took care of the social and family life, and thousands of years of repetition made this role become a habit.
Since, humanity moved into a system based on money, and then societies grew to giant size, and roles in societies became so specialized that women were able to become doers as well.

Fixing the bathroom sign to be more real

Fixing the bathroom sign to be more real

Gender discrimination : it’s discrimination against men

A couple observations, had me thinking that actually men are the ones that are being discriminated against, and in a way society screwed men without them knowing it.

1. For men we have to make a living because we are men, we have to do to be, it’s not the case for women that can just take care of their beauty and have a wonderful life. women vs men roles in society
Just listen to this lady that explained the situation amazingly :

2. For men when we hit rock bottom, we hit it alone!
Just take a look around you, and compare the number of homeless men vs the number of homeless women …
Yep, men are the absolute majority of the homeless population, that’s because women often jump ships before the ship sinks. They can do so because women can find a date or a new man easily, and moving in with the new boyfriend is seen as a normal thing, but the opposite is not true.

3. Women have a cheat card for life!
Until recently, i naively thought that all prostitutes are victims of gangs that force them to work in prostitution and steal their money … I was wrong!
I met this prostitute, through a relative, on a social occasion. She opened my eyes to the fact that some women, with less than average beauty, and a lot of makeup, can make in few hours a week, more than what CEO’s working 24/7  can make in a month!
This had me thinking, and after watching some documentaries, etc … i realized, that yes, many women are victims to organized prostitution rings, but many more  have been doing it on their own.
In a documentary, a prostitute said, that she does not wish to stop the work she does, because she simply can never find a job that pays her as well, to continue living the luxury life, she is doing now!

Another important cheat card, is the “in office affairs”, that mostly happen between a male boss and a female employee, true that some may be abuse by the boss, but, it is also a known fact, that many women use their “charm” to go up the corporate ladder faster than their colleagues.

In this category, we can also classify the young women, that get married to old rich men.

4. Easier for women to find jobs.
These days, it’s much easier for a woman to find a job, there are several sectors that are entirely dominated by women, even though men have the skills to be employed they are not. And we are seeing more and more women working in jobs that require skills usually associated with men.
So basically when the choice is a women, no one objects, but when the choice is a man, we should check the gender quotas of the company!!

5. When women leave, they take half of what you own!
When couples divorce, they split their wealth, right? Wrong! When was the last time you heard about a man taking half of his ex-wife’s wealth ? Never? Exactly! Now how many ex-wife took half her husband hard earned wealth … countless.
Where is the fairness, this might be right back when women stayed at home to take care of the kids, while men worked, but now days, when both men and women work, why in the world should any one get a part of the other person hard earned money?!!!
I read a heart breaking article recently, a German man decided to literally split in half everything he owned, he even cut in half his car and iphone! he recorded it presenting the video with :
“”Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful years,’ Laura! You’ve really earned half.” ”



Back to what bothers me the most, why are feminists pushing for more gender equality in tech companies, meaning hiring more female employees, when most women do not even like this sector.
They do not have the required skills, and yet they want more employment opportunity in this sector, this is not gender equality, this is lobbying.
The idea that “what is ours is ours, and half of what is yours is ours” is not a call for gender equality is any way.