Gender inequality and discrimination in employment … lobbying 

A follow up to my previous blog post.

Here I want to highlight the recent pressure tech companies started getting to hire more females.

In the lobbying effort the feminist movement have been labeling the low number of females in tech companies as “Gender Inequality”.

In reality, the problem is that there are few women in STEM, maybe simply because usually girls do not like math and engineering domains, as a result, there are less female programmers and engineers than men …

As a result, Tech companies have to get an all female staff for marketing, Human Resources, and any other department that do not involve STEM, just so that they can increase their percentage of female employees … and that ladies and gentlemen is discrimination against males looking for jobs in HR, advertising or any none STEM field.

Another silent discrimination we all ignore, is when females get chosen over males simply because the boss find the candidate sexually attractive. Candidates for a job, should perform interviews and be recruited from behind curtains, and that is specially necessary for small and medium businesses where the owner is usually a male and they usually select women for jobs because of their looks, while when the owner is a female the women get selected as well because it’s easier for a woman to manage other women.

So this is a real gender inequality and discrimination issue.



A comment i found online, in reference to a WSJ article, where Facebook is accused of gender bias, and i find the comment very relevant to this article:

“According to the analysis, female engineers received 35 percent more rejections of their code than male engineers. ”

Explanation for this couldn’t possibly be that female programmers simply write crappier code, could it? And it is not possible that this is linked to companies being under pressure to hire more females just to improve their gender ratio, even if it means giving the job to a less skilled candidate?

Of course we shouldn’t even consider the most obvious and direct explanation. Females are never responsible for their outcomes. Unless their outcomes are positive, of course. Then it is proof of their superiority.

If code written by female programmers was rejected 35 percent *less* often the spin would be that female programmers are better and that companies would be smart to hire them over men.


Equal Pay is Not Fair

Today it’s International Women’s day, so I have a couple blogs to share about different issues.

First I wish to tackle the Equal Pay cause.

Equal Pay have been one of the battles of Feminists since some time, and actually it is completely and utterly wrong, and here’s why:

1- The salaries are usually negotiated, so every individual have the possibility to accept or reject the salary.

2- Women have more away of work time, like pregnancies, pregnancy leaves, sick kids … that poses problems for the employers, especially during pregnancies, when employers must find and train substitutes.
Simply put, to compare 2 salaries, you need to have same conditions, and when hiring women and men, these same conditions are not there. When plotted business wise, you have men that take x days away from work/year and women that take y days away from work/year. And y is always more than x, and sometimes can be multiple of x.

Here you go, that’s why men get paid more than women, and that is fair!

Europe do not want immigrants : Immigration need Reforming

I have written some articles previously about immigration and refugees in Europe : immigration to Europe , Syrian Refugees problem … or even Reverse Human immigration.

I am an immigrant myself, so don’t accuse me of being racist, xenophobe etc … I am from what i call “imported immigration”, i was given a scholarship to do my masters in France by a french governmental organization, and that’s why i went to Europe 12 years ago, then one thing led to another … i ended up few years later marrying a women from another EU country, then we moved to her country.

12 years ago, immigration was kind of under control, there was a lot of unskilled illegal immigrants, there was some skilled legal immigrants, some unskilled immigrants granted residence due to family ties, and last a bit of imported immigration like in my case.

That was 12 years ago, now, immigration is out of control, illegal immigration is very high.
And unlike in the past, now many of the immigrants are hostile to Europe itself, some are even members of terrorist organizations …

Integrating an immigrant in a local economy is very very hard and require a long period, integrating the recent immigrants culturally is even harder.

But What is really frightening is that the current immigration and refugee wave is breaking Europe, and is making life harder for Europeans.

The Swiss, for fear of becoming a Mecca for immigrants rejected  a proposal to give a universal basic income (UBI) of around $2600 to every citizen, with almost 77 % saying ‘no’ vs 23% in favor.
Let me rephrase it for you, a population was offered the possibility to no longer worry about food shelter and bills, and yet they said “no thank you”, and the simple reason is that they know that this will trigger a huge immigrant invasion, not only from the non European countries but also from within Europe.

The British, are really considering exiting the EU and shoot themselves in the leg, just to be able to stop the huge influx of immigrants -From Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

The situation is no longer such that immigrants are disliked, now it is more like they are not wanted!

Imagine you are sitting on a dinner table with your family, you invite some guests,  you are happy with that. [ selected or imported migration]
Now imagine these guests bring some people with them, you are annoyed.[family reunifications ]
Now imagine, you invited no one and your neighbor decides to come eat on your table, you might tolerate him, but you are not happy.[illegal immigration ]Now imagine, you invited no one and 3 neighbor decides to come eat on your table,you are not happy at all.[current illegal immigration + refugees + inter EU immigration ]
Now imagine, you invited no one and 3-6 neighbor decides to come eat on your table every day ,you should be angry.[ Current EU status with no real solution to immigration ]

Immigration needs reforming:

Yes, many people search for a better life, but immigration should be a matter of supply and demand, it shouldn’t be a matter of competing on the same jobs, competing on the same jobs lowers the standard of living for the host population.

Also lets get this out of the way, refugees should have the exact same treatment all over the EU, with no money offered, but rather: education for kids + providing food and shelter for all.
So choosing the host country,should be only a matter of taste, not a matter of economics, thus if they want to stay in hot weather they should stay in the south, but if they prefer a specific country they move to it.
Because refugees are temporary, any attempt to treat them as permanent immigrants will create backslash, which we are seeing all over Europe, how can you explain to a EU citizen earning less than $400 for an 8AM to 5PM job,  that in other EU countries refugees will get more without having to do anything.

Either way, immigration needs reforming, when i was a student in France, and launched a profitable startup 9-10 years ago,  i wanted to create a company to officialize it and make my startup grow, but i couldn’t legally do that, as i was a foreign student and the system did not allow me to launch a company, but the same system allows me and any other immigrant to be hired!
The system allows immigrants to compete with locals for jobs, and often forbids them from creating jobs for locals (or at least in France’s case).




Test : If you have the Entrepreneur Skills & Personality.

Entrepreneur-IQ-testMany people decide to become entrepreneurs without really knowing if entrepreneurship suits them or not.

Not many people are actually made to be entrepreneurs, or at least not good entrepreneurs!

This amazing Entrepreneur IQ test << will help you determine whether you have what it takes or not!

Are you a risk taker? do you handle stress well? can you work long hours? hire and fire when needed …

Taking the quiz is a must for any wannabe entrepreneur, it is also a must for new entrepreneurs to help them understand how they should improve their game.

I have met many times successful entrepreneurs or even serial entrepreneurs that do not even qualify, so obviously this quiz is not an absolute test, but it is a relative one, to help see if you can be successful without relying much on luck.


What is an entrepreneur? Are you one?

What is an entrepreneur?

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If you would ask me what is an entrepreneur, i would tell you it’s someone ready to work 24h for a company he / she launched.

Here’s some of the definitions, for source see link above.

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.

There are two distinctive views. The first is the popular view: that entrepreneurs are people who run their own companies, the self-employed or small-business people. The second is Joseph Schumpeter’s view that entrepreneurs are innovators: people who come up with ideas and embody those ideas in high-growth companies.

An individual who, rather than working as an employee, runs a small business and assumes all the risk and reward of a given business venture, idea, or good or service offered for sale. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as a business leader and innovator of new ideas and business processes.

An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of profit. An entrepreneur: Sees an opportunity. Makes a plan. Starts the business. Manages the business. Receives the profits.

 Are you an entrepreneur ?

Prepare yourself to be chocked to know that being a businessman, even a successful businessman might not make you an entrepreneur!!! Reflect on this point a bit before seeing the arguments : What is an Entrepreneur <<

in the US the Women in Leadership is also considered low

Forcing Gender Equality and Diversity on Businesses

in the US the Women in Leadership is also considered low

in the US the Women in Leadership is also considered low

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A couple days ago, Germany voted a law forcing companies to give at least 30% of the company’s board to women.

Even one company with 2/3 of the workforce being women, was criticized for not having enough women on board of directors.

Is this a good idea?

Germany’s Female Chancellor Angela Merkel, thinks so …

If equality should be approached in the strict meaning of the term, then men should get as much office and cashier jobs as women, and women should get as much hard and physically demanding jobs as men!
It’s not the case, isn’t it?Businesses know best what they need, and for what position, so governments should not force businesses to do what is counter productive!

The same with diversity in certain cases (not in general).

Why do i think forcing the companies to have more women leaders is a bad idea?
Because you simply can’t choose random people for leadership, a good manager is not a leader, a good secretary is not a leader and a good employee is not a leader!!! Only a leader is a leader!
The biggest issue that block women from becoming leaders is that they are often not taken too seriously by their fellow male and female colleagues, some choose to be tough just to make their opinions respected, and i don’t think that’s a good solution.

women men business abilities equalityAnother big issue women have, is that they have lack of self confidence, and that’s definitely not a good thing if you want to be a leader.

men women doubts in business
Yet another bad behavior when in leadership is indecisiveness, women often change their opinion a hundred time, don’t believe me? Ask any married guy!

This said, in any company, the pool of women fit for leadership is much smaller than the pool of men fit for leadership, that makes the task of finding the appropriate women to be on the board of companies much harder, and makes the process of selecting female leaders with slightly inferior leadership skills discriminating against the men working in that business.

That’s my friend is putting the feminist agenda, before the capital agenda! And that’s not how business works!

What should be done though, is forcing a 50% quota on politicians, there’s no excuse in a society where women make up half the population, that still only a small number of politicians are females, and that applies worldwide!!! Even when you have a female president, or prime-minister, still less than 20% of politicians are women !!!!

Are Women Good or Bad Entrepreneurs ?

Last year, i asked the question if Men were better entrepreneurs than woman, i tried to convince myself that gender has no relation …

But recent statistics made me change my views, now i’m convinced women are bad empire builders, they may be as good as men for small businesses but very few plan or dream of world domination for their niche products or services.

Here’s some stats:
According to the Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census 2014, there are 2,325 billionaires in the world, and only 12% of them are women. That means there’s 286 female billionaires.
Wait it gets worse, from these 286 women only 17% have self-made their fortunes, that’s 48 women out of the 2325 billionaires that can claim to have made their own fortunes.
In total around 66% of billionaires made their own fortunes … so we see a huge difference here!

But some points should be considered:
1. Majority of women are focused on motherhood, while men are testing or building their companies or ideas, thus women enter the game much later.
2. For Men, it is a game of domination, for women it’s about the well being, thus they rarely push their teams to go for domination and stack riches.
3. Tech sector is a big generator of billionaires, and there’s really few women in tech.