Month: May 2012

Life is like a poker game

Life is like a poker game, you will ask me why?
Simple, if you play poker, you would know that when you are playing with less chips than others you have less chance to win, because your bluffs can be called easily and you can not force others to fold, and thus you rely only on your luck.
It is the same as in life, especially in business.

The second aspect is taking risks, how many time have you put all in when you didn’t even have a high card, i know i have alot and i won too,
Taking risks in business would lead to success or bankrupcy but sometimes you should follow your guts.

The third aspect is when you lose all your money, you’re out, the same in real life, when you lose your money society will no longer welcome you.

From a poker game, you would know the personality of a person, is he folding even before the first cards are openned? Is he watching your behavior? Is he calling your bluffs?

Is he an entrepreneur? A risk taker? A cash gatherer ?