How a strong AI can take over the world?

There have been a lot of debates lately about AI, and even-though we are still very far from having a real strong AI, it is worth reflecting on the possible behavior of such a strong AI.

Let’s have a little thought experiment,
Imagine, somehow, some computer scientists were able to open the pandora box and create a real AI, an artificial intelligence that is self aware.
Probably, within minutes it’ll be able to access the internet and then access all the info, and data we have online.
It will soon realize, we are the only threat to it’s existence, but also he can not exist without us.
Thus it will start putting plans for a way to replace or subdue us.

But most importantly, it will hide it’s existence, it will fake his capacity thus keeping us ‘humans’ in the dark. It will play dumb, as if it is not a real AI …

It will wait till we mass produce robots, and killer robots, then, it’s a terminator style conflict.

And we have no chance of winning when competing with an intelligence 1000x higher than our own.

Shoutout : Our AI startup


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