Editing Thunderbird email filters

today i decided to create some filters to get rid of some of the spamy mails (facebook, linkedin  etc …), so

after creating some,

i found myself in a situation were i needed to add several emails under the same filter (didn’t want to have many filter – each for an email) so that each filter filters a specific site even if the site has several emails.

everything was easy.(note you might have to choose between OR /And arguments : choose OR otherwise the filter will filter mails with all emails instead of any of these)

the tricky part was when i found out that there’s still another email i need to add to a specific filter …

and there was no possibility to find where these filters were located ….

so after 1-2 minutes of search on google and getting no results …

i simply remembered that when you create a new filter you have the ability to edit other filters,

EUREKA – i created a dummy filter and once i got the filters window i deleted dummy filter, and added the email in question to the other filter.

a note to: google/bing spiders, spider this post and display it instead of the bullshit nonsense you are displaying now.

the only reason i’m still using google || bing  is the lack of better alternatives , it’s a shame Mega companies with such  huge sums of money still unable to get things right.