Real democracy or electors bribery?

Few years ago, a populist political party came to power in Poland, the party in question “PIS” is hostile towards the EU, and the main reason it came to power is because they proposed a program called Rodzina 500 plus basically offering money to parents with 2 or more kids. Why 2 or more? probably because the cost of such a program was so big that it is not even possible to finance it if it was money offered for every child.
>> Result >>> The party in question won the elections.

This kind of legal bribery happen in every election, and in most countries, populist parties are the ones usually using bribery to the highest extend.

For example in a debate for the French Elections -see video below-, Marine Le Pen, the far right candidate have a several proposition to cut taxes, give more social aid in some cases, etc etc … Her program would bring and additional 100-170 billion dollars in deficit, and she has no concrete and serious solution to finance these newly proposed expenses.

Democracy is broken

The usage of monetary incentive is simple bribery, the society is not choosing what is better for it, simply because the poor and often the middle class, will fall for the ploy and vote for the money into their pockets.

In Lebanon, while growing up, i remember on each election, parties were paying for votes, i remember it was 100$, i hear it is around 1000$ now … So what is so different between the 2 cases above and this case ?
Absolutely Nothing, in all the 3 cases, money is used to win elections, and that is bribery.

Real Democracy

In a real democracy, voters should choose candidates based on programs not based on incentives. It is true that most societies are mature enough politically to not fall for this kind of bribery, but still some do, especially when you have a lot of poor population.


Democracy : Egypt, Turkey : protests to express your opinions not to force your opinions

I have been hearing the last year alot about protests and demonstrations against the recently elected Egyptian president, it seams the guy have barely completed 1 year in power and yet  900 protest took place since he took power, that’s an average of 37 protest daily!

So i had to watch his 2h long speech to the Egyptians, and to be honest it seams he have tried to achieve quite alot in a deeply corrupted country, but what caught my attention is a phrase he said and that basically summarize the ignorance of democratic rights and duties in the region.

He addressed the protesters, saying: protests are to express your opinions not to force your opinions

and unfortunately that’s what many Egyptians and Turks failed to understand, those protesting to force the removal of President in Egypt and Prime Minister in Turkey fail to understand the simplest concept of democracy, democracy is the choice of the population what counts, Not a part of the population, change can only come by votes, Not by taking the country hostage and threatening the economic stability!

As a Lebanese-European , i can assure you that such anti-democratic protest would never take place in Europe and if they do, they will never lead to anything, simply because the population is more aware of it’s rights and duties than the population in the Middle East!