Feminism is Radicalism

This is my last blog about the subject of feminism, i have already written a lot about:

Equal pay, Gender discrimination in employment, Men emasculation, Rejecting censusWomen Objectification, Social Gender inequality, Business Lobbying ….

And quite honestly, i think my contrarian views are better expressed on other subjects.

In this last blog, i want to explore the source of the issue, that is the current Feminist movement.
As i said previously, in the past the feminist movements were trying to establish equality between genders, now the feminist movement is trying to establish superiority. This superiority comes in the form of Quotas and better Salaries.
For salaries: check my equal pay post, but it can be resumed in this way: Equal pay means a man and a women get same pay, even-though the women would give birth a couple times, and get maternity leaves, and the company would have additional costs to find and train temps while the women is on maternity leaves.

For jobs, now feminists are asking equality in tech jobs, check my gender discrimination in employment, men never did that.
To understand the logic, just look at ” Nursing” Jobs, in the past, it was a job 100% dominated by women, men did not ask to get quotas is nursing jobs, instead some males just studied the field and applied for the jobs, and with time the percentage of male nurses have become not negligible.

Feminism have been a great current for social change, from voting rights, to driving rights etc … Feminism still have an important role and some causes are fair, even though some are controversial, Abortions for instance.

Feminism was never about creating a struggle between genders, it was never us against you, it was never women power, it was about getting rights.

But Feminism now, is a current just for the sake of empowering women, is pure nonsense and is in fact discrimination, lobbying and radicalization.

For me i can’t see a difference in the 2 groups below, one is saying they will dominate the world, and the other saying they are the future > Same meaning different words!




in the US the Women in Leadership is also considered low

Forcing Gender Equality and Diversity on Businesses

in the US the Women in Leadership is also considered low

in the US the Women in Leadership is also considered low

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A couple days ago, Germany voted a law forcing companies to give at least 30% of the company’s board to women.

Even one company with 2/3 of the workforce being women, was criticized for not having enough women on board of directors.

Is this a good idea?

Germany’s Female Chancellor Angela Merkel, thinks so …

If equality should be approached in the strict meaning of the term, then men should get as much office and cashier jobs as women, and women should get as much hard and physically demanding jobs as men!
It’s not the case, isn’t it?Businesses know best what they need, and for what position, so governments should not force businesses to do what is counter productive!

The same with diversity in certain cases (not in general).

Why do i think forcing the companies to have more women leaders is a bad idea?
Because you simply can’t choose random people for leadership, a good manager is not a leader, a good secretary is not a leader and a good employee is not a leader!!! Only a leader is a leader!
The biggest issue that block women from becoming leaders is that they are often not taken too seriously by their fellow male and female colleagues, some choose to be tough just to make their opinions respected, and i don’t think that’s a good solution.

women men business abilities equalityAnother big issue women have, is that they have lack of self confidence, and that’s definitely not a good thing if you want to be a leader.

men women doubts in business
Yet another bad behavior when in leadership is indecisiveness, women often change their opinion a hundred time, don’t believe me? Ask any married guy!

This said, in any company, the pool of women fit for leadership is much smaller than the pool of men fit for leadership, that makes the task of finding the appropriate women to be on the board of companies much harder, and makes the process of selecting female leaders with slightly inferior leadership skills discriminating against the men working in that business.

That’s my friend is putting the feminist agenda, before the capital agenda! And that’s not how business works!

What should be done though, is forcing a 50% quota on politicians, there’s no excuse in a society where women make up half the population, that still only a small number of politicians are females, and that applies worldwide!!! Even when you have a female president, or prime-minister, still less than 20% of politicians are women !!!!

Hire men or women?

Few days ago was the international women day, so i wanted to write a blog post about an issue.

There’s no doubt, that humanity have had a big social leap forward since the stone ages, women were weak and 100% dependant on men, now they are not. Probably women had the biggest role in the early creation of societies, i can hardly imagine the early hunters gatherers men socialising.

I started with the above intro just to explain that women have a vital role in society, later, when humanity succeeded in organising communities, cities and countries, the role of men evolved but not much the role of women, so the fast catching up the last 100 year or so, is seen sometimes as an unormality by some men.

So back to the question, hire a male employee or a female employee?
No doubt each has advantages & disadvantages, in general ( eventhough there’s a lot of exception to this general rule)
Women have more patience to deal with customers, even to fidelise clients, so when it gets to standard customer relation employee, it’s best to have a female employee.
Men are more technical, in certain domains it is even better to have a male customer relation employee.
With some exception men are better at field work, technical work…

Basically men & women have different types of intelligence, and assessing your need will eventually get you an employee that better fills the business need.