Month: September 2012

2 million iphone5 in 24h !!! Apple is the smartphone king

Apple sold over 2 million iphone 5 (pre-orders) in 24h.

wow, that’s amazing!

The price for the unlocked iPhone 5 16 GB is $649, 32 GB is $749, and 64 GB is $849 officially.

so if we take the medium value which is 749 multiply it by 2 millions it gives us 1498 000 000

that’s 1.5 billion$ in sales in just 24h,
and probably between 700 million and 1 billion $ in profit in 24h



Teach kids to say i do not know but never i can not do!

A family member, uses a lot the term i can not do, and as a result he indeed does not try to do any complicated task!

My 3 year old picked up this word from this family member and started using it quite frequently, and every time he finds something a bit complicated he says i can not or i don’t know how to do it, so that we give him the answer and he gets with the easy way, for that i started forbidding him to use this word!
To a 3 year old, this would be the worst educational error or parental error, to allow the kid to use the i can’t do, and letting him/ her get away with it!!
He started using it when he does not want to walk, to go up the stairs, when he wanted us to give him a solution to a difficult task !
Why this is a big error education wise, simply because it limits the possibilities for the child, it tells him that’s ok to give up without trying, it has probably a big influence on the learning process and problem solving process, it will thus influence the development of his intelligence, making him a little bit less smart than what he / she had the potential to be! And he will not have the can do attitude that is a great marker of success!

In addition i would encourage the use of i “don’t know” thus he is prompted to further or increase his knowledge about the subject, which is a very positive attitude! And it would give him the habit of getting informed or prepared before doing something he does not know!

Dollar VS. Euro

My friend wanted to invest his money, and he had no idea what to do!
the Euro crisis have rendered the euro weak and fluctuating,
the sub prime crisis have rendered Real estates a not so attractive investment!
so what to invest in and what is really happening?
The main problem is the dollar, since the 70’s the dollar is no longer backed by gold, and thus the dollar paper became an i owe you paper from the the U.S. federal government! as long as the government financials are healthy, there are no reason to worry, but with the trillions of dollars in debts the situation started to become challenging!

If i write an owe you paper, and you can use this paper to buy whatever you want then you have no problems taking this i owe paper, but the moment this paper is no longer accepted in this or that shop, then you no longer would wish to use it!
It is the situation with the dollar, as long as countries were able to buy oil and other commodities with the dollar it was fine, but once some players in the commodities market started to try to price in euro and other currencies a problem was raised! this problem was also caused by the arrival of the Euro, a strong currency backed by gold!

This meant the US dollar had 2 options either to be backed by a commodity, or make sure others will remain accepting it, and this would be translated by disrupting trust in the Euro currency and making sure that the oil producing nations be afraid of shifting to another payment method!
The actual state of things is that, it is in no one interest to have the dollar fall, China have trillions of dollars in reserve and all other countries also have huge reserves and investments in dollar, if the dollar falls, this i owe you paper will become worthless and they will lose a lot of money! so it is better for everybody to pretend that everything is fine and just see how it goes, meanwhile they are all trying to get rid of their stockpile of i owe you paper!

so on the long term the Euro must stabilize, the best investment in Europe is probably the Real Estate ,
the U.S. economy will probably suffer more and more, till there is a political decision to bring it back to reality!

can future politicians be criminals ?

The way politicians are chosen in democratic countries is a very transparent and thorough process,

the candidates  history is usually screened under the microscope!

but, now with this new generation, could some criminals or bad people be elected without population even knowing their true personality?

On the internet anonymity allows people to spread hate, racism, bully, threaten, steal from, hijack, hack etc … , and all this will not be documented anywhere, it will not even be associated most of the times with a specific person.

Before the internet, people used to express their radical views, and thus allowed others to identify them according to their views , but now the new generations are expressing their views anonymously and thus they might appear as normal friendly people for friends, neighbors and families but in reality they are violent extremists, fanatics or racists or even crazy , a good example is the shooters in norway.

so i quote Mr Halpern from “shit my dad says”

“It means that the future leaders of your country,…, are gonna be people that have absolutely no experience with actual confrontation.  Thirty years from now the President of the most powerful country in the world is going to be some little shit who sat at his computer and hurled insults three feet away from his mommy’s tit like it was no big deal.  I don’t condone fighting, but when a human being understands that his or her actions might result in a giant fist up his or her ass, he or she learns a thing or two about acting before they speak.  ….”



Junk DNA is actually a switching Proteins factory

The human being is such a complex organism that it is just amazing the level of complexity and intelligent design that our body and cells reflect, when i was still studying genetics and genomics, i remember very well that i reflected over the assumption at that time that 99 % of our genome 3 billion base pairs is “irrelevant filler” or Junk DNA  – and only 1% of the genome encode for vital proteins.

After recent research conducted by 442 scientists in 32 labs in the UK, US, Spain, Singapore and Japan.It seams that this so called Junk DNA is none less that the different elements to produce different proteins, and is packed like a warehouse! This Junk DNA serves as millions of DNA switches and applications that power the human genome’s operating system. So the 1% is the operating system and these 99% are apps that are necessary for specific functionalities! without these switches, genes would not work and mutations in these regions might lead to human disease

The Team of 442 scientists generated and analyzed over 15 trillion bytes of raw data. using approximately 300 years’ worth of computer time studying 147 tissue types to determine what turns specific genes on and off, and how that ‘switch’ differs between cell types.


– update: the idea of this post is that the previously thought 99% junk DNA is not considered Junk anymore, some functionality have been discovered as i mentioned above, but that does not mean that the entire Junk DNA has been clarified, for now some of the DNA functions have been clarified, and with no doubts a lot still needs to be examined!

Aljazeera website hacked – offline – cyberwar

it seams everybody is getting more cyber these days , i won’t be surprised if future wars become cyber and digital wars,

the damage is not less important anyway,

yesterday aljazeera website was hacked

few months earlier there was a cyberwar in the middle east!

last year Chinese hackers hacked the US chamber of commerce.

or even hacking US satellites

The blogging platform of Reuters News website was hacked last month and a fake posting saying Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal had died was posted on a Reuters journalist’s blog.

Last month, Qatar’s Rasgas, the world’s 2nd -biggest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter, found a virus in its office computer network, just two weeks after the world’s biggest oil producer, Saudi Aramco, in neighbouring Saudi Arabia was hacked into.

i guess in the coming years wars will be more cyber and less bloodshed which is good !