Month: April 2014

Sustainable development : Grow vegetables you can regrow – at home

To start let me give the definition of Sustainable development,
According to wikipedia,

Sustainable development is an organizing principle for human life on a finite planet. It posits a desirable future state for human societies in which living conditions and resource-use meet human needs without undermining the sustainability of natural systems and the environment, so that future generations may also have their needs met.

In simple terms, Sustainable development is a way of living that does minimum damage and alterations to the ecosystem and natural resources, in other words production that can be sustained forever with minimum human implication, as opposed to the production model that needs to be started from the beginning every time.

In this spirit here’s some cool tips that will allow you to em-barque on this journey by growing your own vegetables the sustainable way:

1- Grow Scallions :
You can regrow scallions by leaving an inch attached to the roots and place them in a small glass with a little water in a well-lit room.

2- Grow Celery:
Cut off the base of the celery and place it in a saucer or shallow bowl of warm water in the sun. Leaves will begin to thicken and grow in the middle of the base, then transfer the celery to soil.


3- Grow Bok Choy:
Bok choy can be regrown by placing the root end in water in a well-lit area. In 1-2 weeks , you can transplant it to a pot with soil and grow a full new head.

4- Grow Romaine Lettuce:
Put romaine lettuce stumps in a 1/2 inch of water. Re-water to keep water level at 1/2 inch. After a few days, roots and new leaves will appear and you can transplant it into soil.

5- Grow Cilantro:
The stems of cilantro will grown when placed in a glass of water. Once the roots are long enough, transplant to soil in a pot in a well-lit room. Full plant takes a couple months.

6- Grow Basil:
Put clippings from basil with 3 to 4-inch stems in a glass of water and place it in direct sunlight. When the roots are about 2 inches long, plant them in pots to and in time it will grow a full basil plant.



Oscar Pistorius Guilty or unlucky

Reading about the case of Oscar Pistorius who shot and killed his girlfriend thinking she was an intruder.

Here’s what bothers me in his story:
– If you have an intruder in your house, wouldn’t you go check and tell your gf who happend to be in the house with you, before shooting on whomever is hiding in the bathroom?
– If you are shot at while you are in the bathroom wouldn’t you scream, and if it’s the case, why Oscar would continue shooting?

If this was a case involving an able man, there’s no doubts he’s guilty!
But, because he’s diabled, many factors come into play:
– did not check on gf because he wanted to make less sound ( or was unable to move quickly in case he didn’t have the legs)
– did not stop after hearing shouting, due to ears ringing as a result of firing while lying on the ground (thus not hearing well).

Bottom line he is either guilty or really a very unlucky guy!