Game of Thrones : The Andal Invasion

I’m a big Game of Thrones fan, team John Snow …

As any respectable GOT fan, i was curious and researched a bit the history of westeros…
I came across the event called “The Andal Invasion”.

Here’s a small video that explains it in a simple way:

While i was reading the article in the Game of thrones wiki, i came across this passage:

Given that author George R.R. Martin has said that the story loosely parallels the War of the Roses in fifteenth century Britain, the Andal Invasion is loosely comparable to the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain. Just as the First Men were able to stop the Andals from expanding to the North in Westeros, the Celtic people living in Scotland were able to repulse Anglo-Saxon expansion from the south. However, the real-life Anglo-Saxon invaders followed a polytheistic religion and destroyed the Christianized Romano-British society that existed in Britain up to that time. In an inversion, the Andal Invasion introduced the pseudo-Catholic Christian “Faith of the Seven” which supplanted the polytheistic, nature-worshiping religion of the Old Gods.

I have reasons to believe that the Andal Invasion is comparable to an entirely other invasion, so let’s start examining my points:

The Andals were a tall, fair-haired race whose original homeland was located across the Narrow Sea on the western coast of the continent of Essos, in a region known as Andalos.

First, Andalos sounded very familiar to my ear, and for a reason Andalus is considered the peak of the Islamic expansion, Andalus is the name given by the Muslim invaders to the territory they controlled in modern day Spain.

Then there’s 3 small points that poked my curiosity:
– Andals were a tall fair haired race, thus a different phenotype from the 1st men.
– The Narrow Sea, thus there was a sea separating the 2, and the invasion happened from the narrow part.
– Westeros sounds a lot like “West” Essos like “East”
Arabs were the opposite to the above phenotype description, and the Muslim invasion happened from the narrow sea between Morocco and Spain. It seams that GRR Martin just flipped the image. It’s not that surprising from someone who names a dragon : drogon !!

then there’s this part:

According to Andal legend, the God of Seven revealed itself to them in the Hills of Andalos, and from this they developed a new religion, the Faith of the Seven. Not long afterward, spurred on by the zeal of their new faith, the Andals set sail across the Narrow Sea to conquer Westeros.

Andal God revealed himself in the hills, a bit similar to the Islamic first revelation that took place in a cave on a hill near Mecca.

The Andals developed a new religion that rapidly expanded, spurred by the zeal of the new faith. Again, Islam is the only religion that after it was developed rapidly expanded, spurred by the zeal of the believers. And another point, Islam expansion, is the only conquest that was really motivated by religion.

So here we go, i think the Andal invasion loosely parallels the Islamic invasion rather than the Anglo-Saxon one.


why hollywood movies and series suck so bad in genetics and biology?

I watched a Science-fiction series named ‘ the tomorrow people “, the series just ended it’s 1st season and then got cancelled by CW, because it was unable to get enough audience, i guess …

I am a big SiFi fan, but what annoyed me the most in this series is it’s butchering of basic genetics, i mean they were so ignorant genetically wise that it was amazing to imagine how they dared present it, especially when the main plot is all about genetics!

To start : they called “the tomorrow people” another species, simply because this “new species” have 7 additional proteins that give them superpowers, the problem is that they used the word all the time when they should have avoided it, and here’s why:
– different species are different morphologically, in the series all look normal human.
– different species can’t interbreed, but if they can, the offspring are sterile, in the series mix offspring are the vast majority.

How a new species is born: In the series out of a sudden, thousands of individuals have the same mutations giving them powers, let’s assume for a moment they are a ‘new species’ ,  a species doesn’t appear simply by having thousands of people having the exact same mutations at the same time, a new species always starts with 1 individual and takes hundreds of  life-cycles to be established (meaning thousands of years).


Another case of Hollywood biology fail is Vampire Academy, the movie sucked! but what annoyed me the most is their use of the term race to describe the different types of vampires!
Here’s how ridiculous it is: Moroi become Strigoi  (another race) when they kill while feeding from a human or other Moroi. You can not change Race due to an action!

And there’s hundreds of similar errors in movies and series….

How can they afford to invest millions without checking the script out, with a biology teacher or a doctor at least!

Genghis Khan, nothing to inspire

Since always i considered the Mongol Empire as a barbaric empire that have contributed nothing to the world civilization,  i remember from school textbook how the Mongols set the biggest libraries of that time on fire after invading modern day Iraq, how they massacred tons of people , and how they just spread havoc ….

So i decided to watch a movie about Genghis Khan (1162? – August 1227), born Temujin, the founder and Great Khan (emperor) of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history.

The Movie “Mongol“, recounts the early life of Genghis Khan, i was hoping to have another perspective, hoping to see some sort of contribution of any kind to humanity, hoping to see an inspiring leader or a military genius, but helas …. none of that !

The way i see it, Genghis Khan was an ordinary person, who lived a tough life, took advantage of his best friend (a khan of a strong tribe) and simply succeeded in attaining power due to the spoils of wars that he distributed to his men!

Once he ruled the warriors Mongols it was just a matter of time before the more civilized neighbors will fall facing them.

Iron Man 3 movie reviewed

Saw the Iron Man 3 movie, it was slow sometimes, didn’t keep me interested but had the standard dose of action, most fans were looking for,

It might have been a 100 times better;
but it seams that always the 1st is the best with the exception of Lord of the rings & the matrix

they used to created movies to excel and to amaze, now it’s only about selling more tickets and making more money with the sequels!

more on Iron Man 3

Paranormal Activity (1,2,3,4)- the worst movies ever – total scam

have you watched Paranormal Activity 1, 2, 3 or even 4;

if so you would probably agree that these movies are a total scam,
i did not say bad movies, i said scam, these movies are a shame to the movie industry,

why? , well first it’s crapy movie,

crapy scenario,

they invested 15000$ for 1st movie, actors payment included, and they sold 200 million$ in tickets!

The Movies are directed by American Israeli director Oren Peli

and basically the movies are boring, really boring, it is amazing how such low quality movies get such an attention,

every single reviewer that have positively reviewed this movie must be on a payroll, or have some sort of interest in promoting it,

don’t try to convince me that some people actually liked it, every single person i know that have seen any of these movies had the same reaction “boring”, “waste of time”, “amateur” etc..

that’s the power of …. trolls they hire to fake comment, and fake rate this $hit movie, and of course the publicity they do for the movie too!

they gamed the system inflating rates, faking reviews, reaching to connections to make these movies get as much viewers as possible.

Verdict : SCAM


Paranormal Activity