Month: July 2012

A business advice: don’t put all your eggs in the same basket

In this blog post, i will tell you about a personal experience i had few years ago, it was in the early years of my entrepreneurship, i was younger and inexperienced, but had limitless motivation, energy and worked day & night, during these days i succeeded in developing a business model based on being sponsored by ads, in other words i was displaying advertisement units on some web projects,( and of course that required online promoting of these web projects,) so eventually it became a very rewarding business, but what i did not expect at that time is that it was possible to fall from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the valley in no time, indeed i had a small problem with Google (the ad provider) and due to my arrogance and maybe their bad customer support, the ad provider stop displaying the ads, it was a big chock especially that no other network were international/trustworthy.
So the revenue went from 3k+ $ to 0$ in 1 day! It took me some time to get over it, but i learned 2 lessons:
1- never rely on 1 source of revenue ( don’t put all your eggs in 1basket)
2- ads displaying is not a stable business. (and this is probably why most companies that rely on displaying ads for revenue have big problems these days)

So basically since then, i have been working hard to be able to diversify as much as possible while keeping a core idea, so through my advertising company, we are now offering services, products as well as ads displaying, and hopefully soon ads distribution & beyond!


the value of time, too much – not enough time, time runs too fast – too slow

Since i started in business as an entrepreneur and i always wished that a day would have more hours or that i could be as fast as Flash / Superman (my childhood heroes), i remember that during school years in certain classes time was often running too slow. During my university years i didn’t have enough time, i wished a day was longer, i often slept with my books in my hands! but now it’s still the same story but instead of books, it’s the laptop strategically placed on a small table near my bed!

In a week i have 3 to 5 accidental sleeping, it’s what i call when i sleep while working on something’ it happens usually around 1-3 am; what i hate the most is that when it happens i sleep without brushing my teeth!!

I read an article on forbes on how  To Be A More Efficient Entrepreneur or businessman

link to article

basically this author, writes very good articles, he is a well informed and experienced person,

so here’s what he suggests (only points i agree with):

1- Reduce your emailing activity.

2- Limit phone calls.

3-  Schedule your social media presence.

4- Reduce your meetings time.

Forbes got it wrong : you can not create entrepreneurs, you either have it or not!

I read yesterday a stupid article on forbes, the writer was trying to convince people that do not love their jobs, to quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs, he also adds in the sense that if you have a non competition agreement with your boss honor it till you are legally allowed to actually compete with your boss,
(link to article)
This article is very dangerous and it have the potential of breaking lives & families; because he is introducing a dangerous idea in the heads of many people!

You might say! ” you are an entrepreneur why are you saying that?”

This is why! because i am and always have been an entrepreneur!, i know how difficult it is to make a project work, and the amount of patience needed! I also have my advertising agency, and i know how much small-businesses fail simply because the bosses / company owners & managers of these companies were not made for it!

Such articles do not tell people that they would have to work for months and sometimes years before seeing any profit! It do not tell people that they may starve, may lose their wives, and even lose their houses by accumulating debts, for a start-up they were not intended to have and would not know how to develop!

An entrepreneur is born an entrepreneur, and by the end of school you would know whether or not he is intended to be so! An entrepreneur is a risk taker, that took hundreds of risks hoping to land the jackpot! Telling people to quit their jobs & become entrepreneurs, is like telling them to put all their money on a random number from 1 to 100, maybe if you are lucky you might find the number and multiply your assets but chances are that you will lose everything you worked for!

The funny part is when Alan Hall (the author) tells them, to just compete with their bosses ( Wait until you can legally pursue your opportunity), this point proves my previous hypothesis that people are born entrepreneurs, those who are not try to copycat, but entrepreneurs have thousands of ideas and this is what gives them the ability to resist and endure while copycats not, i have a personal experience i will share: my ex operation director rebelled on me, and then created a competing advertising agency, which led to me losing an entire market – till now unable to restore my operations in that country – and my ex operation manager just accumulated debts and ended up renouncing to the adventure and finding a job as an employee again!!!
This is what happens when employees want to compete with their old bosses, everyone loses, but employees will be the ones that lose the most!

Giving caviar to my cats

Caviar a symbol of wealth and human inconsideration to other species. I personally love eggs, chicken eggs i mean, but have often wondered why would anyone be interested in eating fish eggs, Not that they are tasty!! And they have the highest ratio of human to nature negligence which i will define as : human destruction of nature / human profitability
To clarify this point:
Eating caviar= destruction of several thousand fish lives/ snack food for 1/2 people

the human destruction of nature would be measured by: ( level of endangered species (1 to 100) x number killed x average adult biomass x 1000) + (animals killed number x adult average biomass) + ( plants destroyed x biomass x 100) + (space ocupied x number of average trees it occupy x biomass x days) + ( ecosystem poluted space x number of average animals affected x biomass x days) + (general pollution formula to be determined)

Human profitibility = {the number of services/ products produced} x {how long in days this productivity will be enjoyed }x{ what is the importance of such products to human work, life or development (from 1 to 100)}

So yeah, got a caviar box as a present, and gave it the cats!
But at least humanity would profit from this formula once i get more parameters to define it

Increase country wealth and decrease unemployment by improving education

Many countries are underdevelopped, many more are suffering economical dificulties, and yet the solution is obvious and simple!
Education is the solution to any problem, but it is often a long term investment, and it needs politicians that have understood the global situation and have realised that a country in the 21st century can not isolate itself from the world, instead they should educate their population in a way to be able to compete with other countries! The globalisation have without any doubt increased the competition, it also have reduced the job offers and increased the gap between rich and poor. So now international companies are dominating the markets forcing small businesses to close, and thus instead of having 20 small business employing 30 people, now multinational branch can deploy on a market employing 5 people, grabing 50% of market share, and forcing 10 businesses to close doors, and thus we have 10 less people employed, or 30% of the working force!
Not taking in consideration, the web services which have put many small businesses out of business!
What can be done you say? Innovate and Educate!
To innovate, you will need smart people, so you will need to have a good, Logical educational system! Teach these kids something the can use when they grow up!
If China or India started to give high quality education, then the entire world will be dominated by the nation having such a big population and high education!
Education is the best investment a company can make in it’s future, but as any other investment, it will depend on several factors like the nature or specifications of the population in question (hard working, lazy, ponctual, etc…) but still education will remain the best investment a country can make!

Teaching my kid to love earth

Yesterday, my 3 year old son was playing with a puzzle application on my iphone, the game consisted of few puzzle sets that kids needed to put together. One of these sets consisted of our solar system planets.
My son loved to assemble mercury, i suggest he assembles earth, but he said he does not like earth !!
So had the idea of showing him some videos about earth from space, and gave him the globus and then we watched more videos about earth, so now i am proud to say that my son loves Earth, he even took the globus to bed with him!

I Feel we have a debt towards, the future generations, our fathers and their fathers did not teach their kids to love earth, so men abused of earth! Maybe if we teach our kids to love earth and respect the life on it, then maybe they can succeed what we did not, live in harmony with nature.

iphone lost

Since my 3 year old kid discovered he can play games on my phone, i am losing more access more and more to my iphone,

so this is my first blog post that i write through a web browser! but 2 days ago i downloaded a puzzle style iphone app for my kid,

he loved it! but the problem i can no longer have access to my iphone because it is in my kid’s little hands all the time, i basically lost my iphone :°) !!!

just in case you came to this post because you actually lost your iphone (i am sorry for your loss), you can find here some information more interesting about iphone application for : finding lost iphone