Month: November 2015

Test : If you have the Entrepreneur Skills & Personality.

Entrepreneur-IQ-testMany people decide to become entrepreneurs without really knowing if entrepreneurship suits them or not.

Not many people are actually made to be entrepreneurs, or at least not good entrepreneurs!

This amazing Entrepreneur IQ test << will help you determine whether you have what it takes or not!

Are you a risk taker? do you handle stress well? can you work long hours? hire and fire when needed …

Taking the quiz is a must for any wannabe entrepreneur, it is also a must for new entrepreneurs to help them understand how they should improve their game.

I have met many times successful entrepreneurs or even serial entrepreneurs that do not even qualify, so obviously this quiz is not an absolute test, but it is a relative one, to help see if you can be successful without relying much on luck.



Fighting Addiction : We are all Addicts !

When we hear the word addict, we imagine someone who have a drug or alcohol abuse problem, drug abuse and alcohol abuse are two destructive behaviors, that are easy to detect and identify, and most importantly, they are easy to distant ourselves from …

In our modern society, advertising succeed in brainwashing us, leading us to become addicted to many substances -nicotine, caffeine, etc – and behaviors that we naturally wouldn’t have.

Reality of the matter, most of us are addicts!

Addiction, goes way beyond, drug and alcohol abuse, addiction is the behavior of requiring something without moderation, addiction is the behavior of wasting time and energy, extensively pursuing something or experiences, that are not of any real importance to our existence.

In many cases these addictions are outright harmful:
Alcohol Addiction: Many do not even realize they have this addiction, especially when amount of alcohol/ day is low.
Drug Addiction: Whether it’s Street drugs or Prescription drugs, it’s one of the most difficult to escape from.
Nicotine Addiction: This substance addiction is harmful to you and your close ones, most addicts take it lightly.
Gambling Addiction: This behavioral addiction is probably the most financially ruining of them all, remember the house always wins!

For the majority of us, the above cases does not apply, thus we pretend that we do not have any addiction problem. This is wrong, because there are a big list of less harmful behavioral and substance addictions, that i’m sure you can identify at least one, within your behavior. Below i’m listing those behaviors:

“Less harmful” perceived, Addictions:
Video Games: Have you spend hours playing a game? Sometimes till 3 or 4 am, till your eyes start burning and you absolutely can not stay awake any longer? Do you lose track of days, and wake up and sleep thinking of your video game? Does this situation happen often? You have Video Games addiction, sometimes this only happen when you enjoy playing a new game, and can’t stop till you finish all the levels, and this problem reappears every-time you start an interesting new game.
Internet: A general term, that usually mean wasting your time reading news, watching cat pictures, videos, participating in forums and online communities, in an excessive way. The internet is an amazing tool to research subjects and acquire new information, but it’s also a huge waste of time and productivity! According to former Carly Fiorina, HP former CEO, and current presidential candidate ,85-95% Of What We Do Online Is Superficial And Useless.
Facebook: Even-though it’s an internet site, i am setting a new category for facebook, as with no doubt, Facebook is entirely useless, and the biggest productivity and time wasting tool of this decade! At one time, Facebook would have been considered as a promotion tool, but even that have been scraped when the company killed page reach to sell more ads and make more money! Nowadays Facebook is the favorite time wasting activity the human population engages in, it has absolutely no educational value, and is redefining the way people socially interact with one another!
Sugar: The biggest not so secret secret, is that most of us are addicted to sugar, where to start … fruit juice, colas: Pepsi, Coca Cola, ice cream …, even fast food is full of sugar, we have made our body so addicted to sugar, that stopping sugar all together or drastically cutting the sugar consumption lead to sugar withdrawal symptoms –Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Dizziness, Fatigue, Flu-like reaction, Insomnia, Shakes, …-, the same way stopping drug addiction leads to withdrawal symptoms!

Food: Food addiction is, being addicted to junk food, sugary product aside, this cover a lot of none healthy food, like chips, fast food, etc … You know this is not healthy but still can’t stop.
Porn: Watching porn and porn related behavior, are addictive, furthermore they influence the future and current intimate relations by involuntarily comparing scripted movies to actual sex life, which in many cases lead to a dissatisfaction and relationship problems, a lot of studies suggest that pornography is simply bad for your brain!
Watching movies & series: This addiction is often ignored, and not taken in consideration usually when listing addictions, but addiction to movies and series is very common, how many of us wait for our favorite series from one week to the other, how many of us are able to just decide to stop watching their favorite series just because? Movies and Series addiction is much more common and destructive than you might think … It is a big waste of time, and have a negative influence on our social and family behavior. With the advent of on demand online movies/series platforms, like Netflix & co, a new behavior of successively watching several episodes or even seasons, have developed among users of these services, this behavior called “binge watching”. According to researchers, binge watching your favorite shows online can cause feelings of loneliness and depression.
Caffeine: You need a coffee or two each day to stay awake and focused? Guess what, you are addicted to Caffeine! Although caffeine is one of the safest substances to enhance your performance, it can lead to long term dependency.
Mobile: You are playing with your mobile a lot, checking Facebook, twitter, playing a game, messaging, instagraming etc … you are most definitely addicted to your mobile device! Needless to say the negative sides of such a behavior!

mobile and friends

“Good” Addictions:
There is nothing really called a good addiction, but these types of addictions can have a positive influence, in addition to the negative influence. 
Work: Addiction to work often affect entrepreneurs, and employees in management positions. While it might be seen as a necessity for the professional career, work addiction if not managed properly will have a huge toll on personal health and on family life.
Exercising: Addiction to exercising, is a compulsive behavior, exercising is good, but like anything thing done in an excessive way it have a negative side, the negative side is taking time from other activities, and often developing abnormal muscle size and none attractive looks.
Sex: There is a debate on whether sex addiction is real, but it seams people with hyper-sexual activity disorder, often have underlying problems like: depression, stress, anxiety, shame … This addiction often leads to loneliness and isolation.
Shopping: Shopping addiction is the compulsion to spend money, regardless of need or financial means. This kind of addiction targets mostly women, and may become problematic for individuals with low income.
Reading: Reading is very important to improve your language skills, but the moment it becomes an addiction, pushing you to read any book you can find, then it is just as harmful as any of the other time wasting addictions.

Fighting Addiction

This article took much more time than what i anticipated, i’ll end it with this small paragraph.

Fighting addiction, requires a strong will power, to become successful in fighting addictions, follows the same general rules of becoming successful.

I, myself have been addicted to many of the addictions mentioned above, none of the harmful addictions though, fighting my addictions made me reflect on many things, and i have started writing a small book about succeeding in fighting addictions, which will be announced on my official blog.