Month: September 2011

Google + Fall – bad marketing bad strategy

this post was written more than a month ago but never published, i am publishing it now; because it seams that my vision was correct G+ is losing more and more users.

will google + become the computer geeks network ?

let’s see what it offers:

it’s like facebook (google circles are like facebook lists), but it will boost what you have plused in your friends search,

let’s say you are an atheist and you like atheist websites, your friends and family are christians or muslims or whatever and

when your friend will be searching for something like God existence he’ll get directly the atheist point of view because your search will be promoted by your plus into his or her search,

now imagine a small relative that is your nephew or a family member , he’ll be searching for some answers and he’ll get yours…

the same with sexual orientation, straight, gay, bi etc…

All good, except that you might have many people starting to look at you in a weird way, or even start to be aggressive towards you.

So this is a bad concept > allowing people to influence other people search results is definitely a bad idea.

about google+ launching, open by invite and later open to all, it worked for gmail but

for a social network to work as it should, people should have friends, and they are surely not ready to strat sending invites,

google should have allowed everybody directly to import his/her contacts delaying this led to a time gap between the time when the site was most active and when people were ready to bring their friends in and now.

the site has lost a lot of it’s activity and facebook is making G+ task to attract users much much harder.


The French Poste – Courier mail service – Bad VERY BAD

last day i went to send a very important document,

i asked the employee what is the best solution for such a document

she offered 4 solutions:

one was for 3 EUR another 13 EUR a 3rd one for 14 EUR and the last for 40EUR

the difference between the first and the 3 others is that for the 1st one there is no tracking.

well that’ according to the employee (who consulted with her boss who was near her)

the last one was simply fast compared to the previous 2.

well great;

i decide to send quickly ; went to get some money from the ATM machine,

then i changed my mind i decided to send slower by with tracking.

so went for the 13€ solution.

i went to the counter, another one because the first was very busy,

and i found a lady that seamed like if she was stoned, i asked her for the solution i chose,

and she consulted with the 1st lady and got me the envelop.

i put the documents filled the adress and gave her the envelop.

and then asked for a receipt, she was unable to find the scan code so she consulted with the first lady again who consulted with the boss again and then told me this is not tracked.

so basically she misinformed me; the only difference between the 3€ solution and the 13€ solution was that the first was for 100g max while the second was for 1kg.

my document weighed 40g so basically this was a complete ripoff – out of ignorance and incompetence of the post service