how to get any stock photo for FREE

Some people say piracy is not stealing,

this is neither, this is a method that will allow you to create any stock image or photo for free in few minutes;

after all the original creators are getting nothing for these photos that they sold for pennies to some websites,

who are selling them for $$ per copy. So you deserve to get them free.

here’s a method i came up with to get any photo/ image for free.

we will call it the Alaili method or the layers method.

the idea is simple;

you like a stock image, you want to use it for graphic use but it is watermarked!!

solution: save it to you computer,

then use google images to search for similar images(use upload image feature)

once you locate these copies, you might be lucky finding one that is not watermarked,

but if not; download 3 copies from different sites having different watermarks;

then using you graphic software put these different layers one over the other

use transparency to make sure the images are exactly one over the other.

then simply delete the watermark from upper layer,

if the lower layer is showing a part of watermark , delete this part from the second layer,

you are on the 3rd layer, at this point usually there are no more sign of any watermark,

but in case you find any feel free to add 1 or 2 additional layers.

merge all layers, and you get the image with no watermark !!! Magic!!!

the funny part is that you have full right to use your image because you created it yourself,

from 3-5 images from different source, so basically this is a combination of images and you are not

breaking any copyright of any of these sites


vacation photos, get a facebook

i had a boring evening looking at some friends photos that were taken while they were in vacations,

they took more than 300 photos , and it was boring to look at these photos,

what can they show me that will need 300+ photos,

their family enjoying vacation, i can know that within 10 or less.

the country side, the sea, the mountains, the bridges, ….

i have seen all this in life, photos, movies etc …

as for their presence in these photos, well i can simply imagine they visited the mountains or the sea, no need to show me 50+ mountain photo,

or 70+ sea photos, they are all the same ,

next time you want to show your friends some photos, choose 10 and put the rest on facebook.

whoever is curious enough to go through your 300+ photos they will on facebook, otherwise no need to torture the rest