The merits of Capitalism

Capitalism and globalization are not a bad thing, because they allow optimization of human production.


To do list & year/decade resolution for humanity

It’s the part of the year, when we start preparing our resolutions and our plans to engage the new year …

But what we failed to do is to look at this very productive activity from a wider scope or a global point of view … We the human race have failed in creating a unified 1year, 5 year or 10 year plan to improve the human existence on this planet.

Yes, specific organizations have this sort of multi year plan, but it addresses specific subject and often specific populations. A global plan to the scope of the planet have never been formulated or announced.

So here you go, here’s my modest attempt at it, and hopefully the internet will be helpful in improving it….

Humanity To Do List

Humanity 10 years Resolution

1- Switch to electric cars
2- Switch to renewable energy
3- Minimize the use of paper and reduce wood consumption
4- Start a Global effort to clean the oceans and revitalize the fish populations / impose some bans.
5- Reduce meat consumption by teaching more vegetarian and vegan recipes.
6- Reduce garbage, by reducing packaging, imposing laws to minimal packaging.
7- Ban plastic bags.
8- Centralize all space efforts, and put a tax per on countries according to their GDP
9- Land on Mars & create a Moon base.
10- Unify all armies under the UN commandment. 
11- Ban religious teaching for kids under 16. -this will be controversial-
12- Provide old age retirement centers for old people in poor countries - condition they have 2 kids or less.
13- Impose 1 or 2 child policy on highly reproductive populations : we don't want the future of humanity like in Idiocracy
14- Advance recycling and processing laws and applications.
15- Make all stats available, with no hiding or political correctness.
16- Change prisons into labor camps > Paying back to society literally.
17- Democratize governments, and decision making... this system is outdated.
18- Global connectivity: Something better than Facebook : not time waster.
19- Fast epidemic detection & response.
20- Unified monetary system based on value, not i owe yous.
21- Right for independence > whoever want to be independent let them be!
22- Education system redesigned around future roles in society.

I'm open for your suggestions, i'll add any suggestion below ...

How to achieve World Peace and unify humanity – my theory

Many ideologies tried unifying humanity, most are religious … needless to say all the ideologies failed, religions succeeded in unifying some chunks, but they suffered later divisions as well …

Political wise, many tried to unify humanity in some sort, some on socio-political basis: like Communism; others by force like roman empire , Nazis(not really) etc… and they all failed as well …

Partially unifying humanity in the past, succeeded in reducing bloodshed (even though blood was spilled for expansions), and establishing some rule of law allowing the weak to live relatively without fear.

Under the roman empire inter-fighting between tribes came to an end, and groups started contributing to the global empire,  accessing goods and knowledge from other parts of the empire as well as providing it led to prosperity!
Under the Islamic empire, endless fighting between tribes came to an end, and prosperity followed as well!

So we can agree that Unity = Prosperity!
But unity means, there need to be something in common, and it also means that there’s some people that would be excluded from this group.

And most importantly, will unity stays intact and perfect as the numbers grow and the time passes …  the answer is No, and religions are a great example on how a united group sooner or later breaks into smaller groups that in turn will suffer divisions as well.

These days, every group or ethnicity are dreaming of self governance, from Quebec – Canada, to Texas – USA, to Catalonia Spain … If you give the populations the choice to get divided, sooner or later they will do it, and groups will become smaller and smaller.
Divisions follow a variety of factors like language, religion, tribe, ethnicity, culture, football club ….

Strengthening the nationalistic spirit does not resolve this issue because separatist spirit is much stronger!  Strong nationalism end up pitting populations one against another!

My theory:
The only path to a true and lasting unity is through intense diversity .

Let me explain, when people are tough that every single individual is unique, and the groups the person belong to, only make part of  his/her uniqueness and identity, people will no longer want to be identified as only members in a smaller groups, because that would suppress their identities, and as a result we have a stronger feeling towards a unified humanity, where everyone is accepted for what he/she is.

For example let’s take a fictional character John,
John belongs to the groups:
– French
– Speaks French and English
– Support Barcalona in soccer.
– Is Breton
– Is White
– Has black hair
– Has green eyes
– is an Artist
– is Gay
– is Catholic
– Human

From the above descriptions, John can identify himself as a member X group, when asked to answer “who are you?” (how you identify yourself)  but If people are taught that they are the sum of the different groups they belong to, and that no group they belong to can have dominance over the others in determining the identity unless it can contain the other groups, then in this case, John only answer should be “human” or the biggest group he belongs to that would group all his identities.
But in reality, John would answer is most likely “Artist”,”Gay”, “Breton”, “French”

Let’s take another  fictional character Ahmet,
Ahmet belongs to the groups:
– French
– Speaks French and English
– Support Barcalona in soccer.
– Is of Moroccan Origin
– Is light Brown
– Has black hair
– Has green eyes
– is an Artist
– is Straight
– is Muslim
– Human

Ahmet is more likely to answer “Muslim”, “Artist”

Let’s take another  fictional character Anas,
Anas belongs to the groups:
– French
– Speaks French and English
– Support Barcalona in soccer.
– Is of a mix relation Moroccan & French
– Is white but with a tan
– Has black hair
– Has green eyes
– is an Artist
– is Straight
– is Muslim
– Human

Anas is more likely to answer “Artist”

Subject 1 have strong feelings towards it’s roots, but when the parents have moved (subject 2) or are from mixed origins (subject 3) , the roots factor is less stronger.
Even strong dividers like religion disappear when there’s mixing or strong interactions (friends, family members, GF/BF)

How to achieve intense diversity? that’s a difficult question that i don’t know the answer to!

Why the United Nations failed humanity!

The United Nations (U.N) came to existence as an organization that would reduce tensions and eventually lead to world peace,

the United Nations was established to replace the flawed League of Nations in 1945 in order to maintain international peace and promote cooperation in solving international economic, social, and humanitarian problems.

More than 60 years after the creation of this organization, nothing much have changed, wars are still being waged, countries still being invaded or bombarded by others, and this last decade, the anger of some populations have given birth  to a wicked movement called “terrorism”.

All this could have been avoided, if there were a sincere will to achieve world peace …. the United Nations should have pushed hard for the end of armies, and replacing countries armies by one unique army under the control of the united nations.

The united nation could intervene to stop any aggression, and the money countries waste on the military could be invested in research, education and so on …

But such a solution, will not get an approval from the strong players such as the US, Russia … because such countries will lose the ability to bully others …
This solution will not be accepted by countries that have separatist movement & communities, such as China (with the Tibet…) or India (with Kashmir), Turkey (with Kurds) … because these countries use the armies to keep communities from breaking apart and declaring independence …
Such a solution will not be accepted by countries run by dictators, because they will lose the ability to oppress the populations.

Even-though, such a solution could have been achieved little by little, eventually everybody would join!

Imagine ….

I know i’m a dreamer, but i’m not the only one!

Internet Age Parenting: Parent’s more responsabilities educating kids : Kids smarter than parents

In the past, when we were kids ourselves, whenever we wanted to know about a subject, our parents tried to answer to the best of their knowledge, some took the time to search in a dictionary or an encyclopedia, but in general the information they provided the kids were limited and for a valid reason, information collecting was time consuming.

Since, Internet happened, now we don’t even have an excuse to not provide our kids with the most detailed, accurate, vast information and multi media (photos, videos) … and our kids expect nothing less.

In the past, it might have been possible to explain to a kid that the Earth is turning around the sun and the moon around the earth … , and your kid might say ok and move to another subject, but now our answer should be in this way:


Or how a pencil is made?

Yes our Kids could be much smarter than we are, and it’s our job to make sure they are!  Failing to achieve that is failing in parenting and failing in helping humanity evolve.