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Blogging the free media

This is my 100’s post, to celebrate it i’ll write about Blogging!

In these times when Media outlets are supposed to be independent & neutral, while they have proven themselves again and again not to be, blogs are offering some fresh air of free and independent opinions!

Sometime ago, the media used to care about small and medium businesses, we used to see reports or interviews on TV and articles in the press, this has decreased dramatically, instead businesses are relying now onĀ  Blogs outreach to tell their stories, if this indicates something, it definitely indicates the smaller and smaller role mainstream media have in our societies!

More and more people are getting their news from websites instead of the TV station, and more and more people are getting their news from websites that are not affiliated with media conglomerates!


Online presence

I was just wondering, to what level do people take their online presence seriously?!
There is no doubt the tech sector is quite invested in the online presence, you can hardly meet any tech related person that does not have a linkedin, facebook, twitter and google plus account!
The question is what is the limit, new services poping up each day, like pinterest, should we get to these seevices too ? And then what ? We need to check all these websites all the time!
Will all these services persist or some will just die like google wave or just become shadows of former selves like myspace!?