A contrarian blog.

I am and always was a freethinker, that's why I have decided to focus mainly in this blog on contrarian ideas and opinions. 
I think this society is pushing everybody to take sides in debates, instead of letting people think freely.

Contrarian ideas and opinions, are not popular and are often subject to criticism.
But these opinions and ideas are necessary to dispel the horde thinking of society.
Yes, we live in a society were popular opinions dominate and even bully the opposite opinions.
Celebrities and so called "persons of authority" make and promote opinions on behalf of the entire society. 
And funnily enough, most of these opinions are not valid, they might be popular or even ideal, but they are simply opinions not based on any scientific or fairness criteria.
I will try to focus hard to find contratian opinions and try to share them, and defend them, and i'm sure i'll stumble on many.


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