Month: April 2012

how to get any stock photo for FREE

Some people say piracy is not stealing,

this is neither, this is a method that will allow you to create any stock image or photo for free in few minutes;

after all the original creators are getting nothing for these photos that they sold for pennies to some websites,

who are selling them for $$ per copy. So you deserve to get them free.

here’s a method i came up with to get any photo/ image for free.

we will call it the Alaili method or the layers method.

the idea is simple;

you like a stock image, you want to use it for graphic use but it is watermarked!!

solution: save it to you computer,

then use google images to search for similar images(use upload image feature)

once you locate these copies, you might be lucky finding one that is not watermarked,

but if not; download 3 copies from different sites having different watermarks;

then using you graphic software put these different layers one over the other

use transparency to make sure the images are exactly one over the other.

then simply delete the watermark from upper layer,

if the lower layer is showing a part of watermark , delete this part from the second layer,

you are on the 3rd layer, at this point usually there are no more sign of any watermark,

but in case you find any feel free to add 1 or 2 additional layers.

merge all layers, and you get the image with no watermark !!! Magic!!!

the funny part is that you have full right to use your image because you created it yourself,

from 3-5 images from different source, so basically this is a combination of images and you are not

breaking any copyright of any of these sites


Good marketing consultants & advertising experts

My previous post gave me the reason to write this one,
So, how to find these advertising experts, and marketing consultants?

Well, you should look for:
1- creativity, you will need creative people to find creative solutions.
2- intelligence, they should be intelligent, i don’t know how much IQ they should have, i have a 150 IQ and it seams it is more than enough.
3-pioneers not followers, people that define new realities not those that follow what others have defined, it is important that they can think outside of the box.
4-logic: find people that can logically convince you, if they can’t they are no experts.
5-manipulation: these expert should master the art of manipulating the masses or consumers to buy this product or this brand.
6-understand the way people think: they should be able to understand how population think and how the consumer see it.

This post was a bit kind of bragging 🙂
let’s put it this way, any marketing director in the top 500 companies, if he/she does not have one of the above attributes he/she should be fired, and i will gladly accept his job 🙂

How to make smallbusiness work

Only if you set your business in the middle of nowhere, you can have the argument “that it didn’t work due to location”, otherwise it is entirely your fault.
Heck i have even set my company literary in the middle of nowhere, and in a country i don’t know the language!!! , And i am making it work!

Well, let’s jump into the main subject of this post!
Some time ago, i walked by a new specialized shop near my apartment, few months later i wanted to see how it was doing, so i went into the shop had a discussion with the owner, who was complaining that business was bad!
I offered him my services, ( i have an advertising agency: MediaO2)
I told him, i will come back in a couple of days with some ideas.
Indeed, 2 days later i came back with few ideas and marketing strategies that would change the entire situation, my ideas opened the doors of his business to 2 new consumers categories: “women” and “teens & young adults”.
The marketing strategy was so interesting that it even made this cheap guy order the flyers.

Then he and his wife started interfering on how to put and what not to put, making the strategy less powerful by sabotaging several elements with their ignorance!

So these people who are struggling to make their business work, then an advertising specialist comes and gives them ideas that will potentially make their business bloom, at this moment these people should shut their mouths and let the experts take care of it !!!!

Please!!! Do i tell you how to do your job???

Every business has it’s unique situation, there is no magic formula to make business work, but there are specialized people known as “marketing consultants” , like me, we find ways to make businesses bloom, so if you are a struggling business owner don’t be cheap!! do contact my company or other marketing companies, believe me, what you will be paying is nothing compared to what you are losing due to your lack of correct marketing!
But beware of scam artists, you will know when you find real marketing consultants, also if some guy proposes a website or flyer it does not make him an advertising expert, don’t waste your money on amateurs.

What it takes to change someone’s life

In this world, most people wait for an opportunity to advance in life, but few people want to give an opportunity to let others advance in life ! You didn’t get it?
Ok, i’ll explain, when a buisness man or a company need an employee in a specific position, they will hire or promote him or her, not the employee’s interest in mind but the owner. The same in real life, people are a bit greedy and selfish, sometimes an action that is not considered as a big deal for you, can change someone life for the better.
Let’s take an example, u see this poor homeless guy near your house, from time to time u give him a buck or two, he’s happy, you are satisfied of yourself, everything is good!
Well it’s not! This guy will remain in the street, nothing changed, but let’s say you give this guy 100$ , you take him to shop for new clothes, get him a hair cut, pay for him a room in a motel , and tell him tomorrow i want you clean and well dressed we will look for a job for you, then definetly you will change his life! Better if you give him a small job, but if not you can help him get one.
It’s more time invested but you are giving this guy a second chance to get back into society! Enough talk need to test this ! Will update you on how it goes.

Video games increasing level of addiction and isolation

Years ago, when people wanted to have fun they went to the arcades, where there were big machines with simple games like car racing etc …
Young people went in groups to have fun, and played for few min / hours max.

Then the video games were invented, making it possible to have these games in your home, so the gaming went from being something u do in group to something you do with 1-2 friends, and gaming time went exponentially. Addiction to gaming started to increase, but still you needed a TV, so it remained socially controlled.

And then came the PC games, individual gaming started to be the norm, with exception when connecting few PCs and playing on a network, Addiction time increased more and more due to the fact that this is a personal computer, and thus you had less social restrictions.

Then came the browser gaming, not only you was able to access your game from your home pc, but also in work, school, etc… Isolating players more and more and addiction rised even more.

And finally came the smartphone ( iphone , android) games, so your game is with you wherever you go, your addiction is at it’s highest levels, totally isolated from social life ….

– zoulou

The formula to business success (professional success)

I am not one of these gurus that will tell you how to make millions overnight,
I am a normal businessman, i have observed how things are, and connected the dots.
I am sure that many of you already know this, so i will put it in simple formula:

Luck + Hard work + Connections + Persistance + Creativity + Intelligence + Optimism + Karisma = Success

Any variations of these elements could also give success but first i’ll explain in details each and why.

Luck= without luck you/ your business will never be hugely successfull, you may get successful to a certain extent but you will never hit big.

Hard work = It is necessary in 90% of the cases to work harder than the competition.

Connections = very important element , every business man or woman knows that, connections may help you find oportunities and can be sometimes the most important factor of your success.

Persistance = Most of the times you need to try and test and then try and test before you find your break.

Creativity = innivation is very important , to be different and unique and thus be recognised.

Intelligence = you will need to learn from mistakes and successes of others but most importantly your owns!!

Optimisme = you should beleive in your bysiness / company and yourself otherwise no one will.

Karisma = You will need to know how to present your ideas and engage your coworkers and employees , ex (Steve Jobs).

Later i will add the variations to these equations and some examples.

Posted from my iphone – R.I.P Steve

Connecting wordpress blog to iphone

I was never the blogger type of people, well not untill i discovered the wordpress iphone application, it made blogging an entirely new experience for me!!!
The process is simple,
Go to the iphone / androide application store,
Download the wordpress official application,
Choose the apropriate option
Then put in your login details,
Voila, you have accessed your blog
Where you can type/ edit/ moderate etc …
If you are able to read this post that means it work 😉

– posted from my iPhone 🙂