Not everything you read on the internet is true

I am sure you came across this saying before, i know i did, but it wasn’t until recently that i really realized the amount of wrong information that are available on internet.

To start a couple of people shared with me a pyramid of languages difficulty,


the pyramid contained few languages, showing Polish as the most difficult language, while more difficult languages like Arabic & Chinese are 2 levels easier (according to the pyramid) , when reading the blog post that contained the pyramid of languages, you realize the blogger is Polish (which lead us to realize the classification is very biased, and is done on not informed and not researched opinions!) and yet people will share not knowing that it’s a big pile of crap! Even without a simple web search to verify these information! A simple search would give you the classification below:

So a simple blog allows you to spread misinformation, and people will gladly spread the misinformation without double checking them!

Another incident also proves my point, while i was checking my linkedin requests i stumbled upon an article on the main page, it was one of these articles written by influencers (celebrities), the article was about “the rise of emotional advertising“, the writer a VP in a big advertising company (Vice President at TBWA/EUROPE), in the post he goes on and on explaining how brands are trying to engage with us emotionally these days …. All good except 1 problem, this is called a viral video marketing, and engaging emotionally have always been a strategy of viral marketing!
Thus there’s no new type of advertising called “emotional advertising” and definitely there’s no rise in this sort of techniques!
So even highly professional people and big influencers can and often do write a big load of crap, and no one will tell them … No that’s not true.

update & clarification:
Polish is a difficult language, have been experiencing this first hand since more than 7 years, but the same can be said about several other languages, thus a classification based on difficulty can not be decided based on someone’s personal preferences or a specific population personal preferences.
Emotional advertising is actually considered a category even-though all type of advertising is either emotional or rational, so the term coined as emotional advertising is simply a buzz word, used to describe the ads that push viewers to cry or tear up.


Life is like a poker game

Life is like a poker game, you will ask me why?
Simple, if you play poker, you would know that when you are playing with less chips than others you have less chance to win, because your bluffs can be called easily and you can not force others to fold, and thus you rely only on your luck.
It is the same as in life, especially in business.

The second aspect is taking risks, how many time have you put all in when you didn’t even have a high card, i know i have alot and i won too,
Taking risks in business would lead to success or bankrupcy but sometimes you should follow your guts.

The third aspect is when you lose all your money, you’re out, the same in real life, when you lose your money society will no longer welcome you.

From a poker game, you would know the personality of a person, is he folding even before the first cards are openned? Is he watching your behavior? Is he calling your bluffs?

Is he an entrepreneur? A risk taker? A cash gatherer ?

Good marketing consultants & advertising experts

My previous post gave me the reason to write this one,
So, how to find these advertising experts, and marketing consultants?

Well, you should look for:
1- creativity, you will need creative people to find creative solutions.
2- intelligence, they should be intelligent, i don’t know how much IQ they should have, i have a 150 IQ and it seams it is more than enough.
3-pioneers not followers, people that define new realities not those that follow what others have defined, it is important that they can think outside of the box.
4-logic: find people that can logically convince you, if they can’t they are no experts.
5-manipulation: these expert should master the art of manipulating the masses or consumers to buy this product or this brand.
6-understand the way people think: they should be able to understand how population think and how the consumer see it.

This post was a bit kind of bragging 🙂
let’s put it this way, any marketing director in the top 500 companies, if he/she does not have one of the above attributes he/she should be fired, and i will gladly accept his job 🙂

How to make smallbusiness work

Only if you set your business in the middle of nowhere, you can have the argument “that it didn’t work due to location”, otherwise it is entirely your fault.
Heck i have even set my company literary in the middle of nowhere, and in a country i don’t know the language!!! , And i am making it work!

Well, let’s jump into the main subject of this post!
Some time ago, i walked by a new specialized shop near my apartment, few months later i wanted to see how it was doing, so i went into the shop had a discussion with the owner, who was complaining that business was bad!
I offered him my services, ( i have an advertising agency: MediaO2)
I told him, i will come back in a couple of days with some ideas.
Indeed, 2 days later i came back with few ideas and marketing strategies that would change the entire situation, my ideas opened the doors of his business to 2 new consumers categories: “women” and “teens & young adults”.
The marketing strategy was so interesting that it even made this cheap guy order the flyers.

Then he and his wife started interfering on how to put and what not to put, making the strategy less powerful by sabotaging several elements with their ignorance!

So these people who are struggling to make their business work, then an advertising specialist comes and gives them ideas that will potentially make their business bloom, at this moment these people should shut their mouths and let the experts take care of it !!!!

Please!!! Do i tell you how to do your job???

Every business has it’s unique situation, there is no magic formula to make business work, but there are specialized people known as “marketing consultants” , like me, we find ways to make businesses bloom, so if you are a struggling business owner don’t be cheap!! do contact my company or other marketing companies, believe me, what you will be paying is nothing compared to what you are losing due to your lack of correct marketing!
But beware of scam artists, you will know when you find real marketing consultants, also if some guy proposes a website or flyer it does not make him an advertising expert, don’t waste your money on amateurs.

What it takes to change someone’s life

In this world, most people wait for an opportunity to advance in life, but few people want to give an opportunity to let others advance in life ! You didn’t get it?
Ok, i’ll explain, when a buisness man or a company need an employee in a specific position, they will hire or promote him or her, not the employee’s interest in mind but the owner. The same in real life, people are a bit greedy and selfish, sometimes an action that is not considered as a big deal for you, can change someone life for the better.
Let’s take an example, u see this poor homeless guy near your house, from time to time u give him a buck or two, he’s happy, you are satisfied of yourself, everything is good!
Well it’s not! This guy will remain in the street, nothing changed, but let’s say you give this guy 100$ , you take him to shop for new clothes, get him a hair cut, pay for him a room in a motel , and tell him tomorrow i want you clean and well dressed we will look for a job for you, then definetly you will change his life! Better if you give him a small job, but if not you can help him get one.
It’s more time invested but you are giving this guy a second chance to get back into society! Enough talk need to test this ! Will update you on how it goes.