Video games increasing level of addiction and isolation

Years ago, when people wanted to have fun they went to the arcades, where there were big machines with simple games like car racing etc …
Young people went in groups to have fun, and played for few min / hours max.

Then the video games were invented, making it possible to have these games in your home, so the gaming went from being something u do in group to something you do with 1-2 friends, and gaming time went exponentially. Addiction to gaming started to increase, but still you needed a TV, so it remained socially controlled.

And then came the PC games, individual gaming started to be the norm, with exception when connecting few PCs and playing on a network, Addiction time increased more and more due to the fact that this is a personal computer, and thus you had less social restrictions.

Then came the browser gaming, not only you was able to access your game from your home pc, but also in work, school, etc… Isolating players more and more and addiction rised even more.

And finally came the smartphone ( iphone , android) games, so your game is with you wherever you go, your addiction is at it’s highest levels, totally isolated from social life ….

– zoulou


vacation photos, get a facebook

i had a boring evening looking at some friends photos that were taken while they were in vacations,

they took more than 300 photos , and it was boring to look at these photos,

what can they show me that will need 300+ photos,

their family enjoying vacation, i can know that within 10 or less.

the country side, the sea, the mountains, the bridges, ….

i have seen all this in life, photos, movies etc …

as for their presence in these photos, well i can simply imagine they visited the mountains or the sea, no need to show me 50+ mountain photo,

or 70+ sea photos, they are all the same ,

next time you want to show your friends some photos, choose 10 and put the rest on facebook.

whoever is curious enough to go through your 300+ photos they will on facebook, otherwise no need to torture the rest