Month: March 2013

My more personal Blog

so i’m launching a more personal blog directly on my website:

it’ll be more personal and professional, all the other subjects will be still be discussed on this blog though.


Cyprus Grim Future

The future of Cyprus is uncertain, and most probably would be filled with depression,

The island have been living way way above it’s standards for years, by joining the EU and the financial help that comes with it, and by being a haven for Russian oligarch money and being a money laundering center, the island have experienced growth and a high quality of living.

But the time for a reality check came, the banking system and the schemes collapsed and the naked truth was out in the open, Cyprus Production and services are negligible, the country GDP of $24 billion is mainly due to it’s banking/services sector.

With the latest crisis, and Money fleeing Cyprus, it would not be an exaggeration to predict the GDP sliced by half.

Cyprus plans to impose capital control that means you can not move your money out of Cyprus, Restricting capital transfers – movements of money or securities – to other countries but not payments out of Cyprus. But Cyprus currency is Euro … so will it be feasible? is Cyprus exiting the Euro as-well?

“What you’ve got is a monetary and banking system which is not supposed to impose capital controls. What they are doing is creating a sub-set of rules to create a new economic area, which is unprecedented,” said David Brown at New View Economics.

One could be to buy goods in another eurozone country, shifting funds out of the island to pay for them.

To counter it, the Cypriot government could introduce limits on such payments >  that will impede business and slow turnover.

“The longer this lasts the more it will hurt the economy, the more likely it is that businesses run out of liquidity and have to default. Then we really get into trouble,” said Berenberg bank economist Christian Schulz.

So basically not only the skeleton of the Cypriot economy crumbled,  but it seams the Cypriot politicians will put the mercy bullet in the head of Cyprus economy, killing the businesses and destabilizing the currency.

A message to my Atheist friends who attack believers!

Disclosure: I am not an atheist , i was in some periods of my life, but at this moment i am not.

Like other religions (ironically), you can easily find Atheist extremists or the Atheists that want to shove their believes  down other people’s throats.

I have a simple message for these people:

Let people have dreams, and hope for happy endings,
the shear thought of oblivion makes every human realize that the sum of their existence is irrelevant,
my friend let believers believe and hope you one day would to,
not to right the failures of this life but to simply feel that you are more than a drop in a sea of forgotten memories!

Very cheap – Whiteboard animation, speed drawing, explainer video

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How much does it cost?

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Cyprus wants to steal Russian Money!

let’s call things as they are,

Earlier there was a proposal to take 6-10% of bank deposits in Cyprus, it was refused by the parliament,

then Cyprus went running to Russia to ask for help at the same time cutting communications with the EU representative and the IMF.

Russia didn’t want to get into this mess, so refused to help ….

As a result Cyprus went back to negotiating  with the EU and IMF aiming to secure a bailout, but now Cyprus is considering a 25% levy on deposits of more than 100,000 euros.

in simple words most big money is Russian, and Cyprus don’t give a F* about it.

What a nice way for a country to behave, turning it’s back on the foreign investors!

what should have been done in my opinion is liquidating the scam banking system they have,

sell everything they have and nationalize these dishonest -gambling banks!

eventually make everyone pay, force the 6-9% levy that was decided before, after-all it’s Cyprus mess and Cypriots should pay for it not Russians!



2 Popes meeting Photos – Pope Francis & Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI together both in white robes

the 2 popes met today, both were wearing the white papal robe, so i took some pictures that were shown on CNN,

previous i reported about the photo that contained the 3 popes

but these photos are much more interesting because both popes are in white dress (1st time in history such a meeting occur).

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and francis 1 meeting

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Francis 1 meeting

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and francis face to face

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Francis face to face

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and francis praying together

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Francis praying together

Giselle Arellano does she really speaks 5 languages?

Giselle Arellano a Mexican Politician pretends she speaks 5 languages, to prove that she said : in the 5 languages : “i speak ___”

but it was the way she said it in French and Arabic what caught my attention,

her Arabic phrase was wrong, her French phrase was very badly pronounced,

i understand that she might have some limited understanding of these languages, but it seams it is a very basic knowledge of Arabic and i think the same for French,

I understand and can talk a little bit of Spanish too, but it’s so little that i never consider it a language i can speak. When i say i can speak 4 languages, that means that i can manage to understand and communicate in 4 languages , it is not the case for my Spanish.

Well Mrs Arellano is no exception, politicians have been lying to populations for centuries, thank god for the internet, at least now we can debunk some lies from time to time.

anyway … good-luck