Month: September 2013

Not everything you read on the internet is true

I am sure you came across this saying before, i know i did, but it wasn’t until recently that i really realized the amount of wrong information that are available on internet.

To start a couple of people shared with me a pyramid of languages difficulty,


the pyramid contained few languages, showing Polish as the most difficult language, while more difficult languages like Arabic & Chinese are 2 levels easier (according to the pyramid) , when reading the blog post that contained the pyramid of languages, you realize the blogger is Polish (which lead us to realize the classification is very biased, and is done on not informed and not researched opinions!) and yet people will share not knowing that it’s a big pile of crap! Even without a simple web search to verify these information! A simple search would give you the classification below:

So a simple blog allows you to spread misinformation, and people will gladly spread the misinformation without double checking them!

Another incident also proves my point, while i was checking my linkedin requests i stumbled upon an article on the main page, it was one of these articles written by influencers (celebrities), the article was about “the rise of emotional advertising“, the writer a VP in a big advertising company (Vice President at TBWA/EUROPE), in the post he goes on and on explaining how brands are trying to engage with us emotionally these days …. All good except 1 problem, this is called a viral video marketing, and engaging emotionally have always been a strategy of viral marketing!
Thus there’s no new type of advertising called “emotional advertising” and definitely there’s no rise in this sort of techniques!
So even highly professional people and big influencers can and often do write a big load of crap, and no one will tell them … No that’s not true.

update & clarification:
Polish is a difficult language, have been experiencing this first hand since more than 7 years, but the same can be said about several other languages, thus a classification based on difficulty can not be decided based on someone’s personal preferences or a specific population personal preferences.
Emotional advertising is actually considered a category even-though all type of advertising is either emotional or rational, so the term coined as emotional advertising is simply a buzz word, used to describe the ads that push viewers to cry or tear up.