Teaching my kid to love earth

Yesterday, my 3 year old son was playing with a puzzle application on my iphone, the game consisted of few puzzle sets that kids needed to put together. One of these sets consisted of our solar system planets.
My son loved to assemble mercury, i suggest he assembles earth, but he said he does not like earth !!
So had the idea of showing him some videos about earth from space, and gave him the globus and then we watched more videos about earth, so now i am proud to say that my son loves Earth, he even took the globus to bed with him!

I Feel we have a debt towards, the future generations, our fathers and their fathers did not teach their kids to love earth, so men abused of earth! Maybe if we teach our kids to love earth and respect the life on it, then maybe they can succeed what we did not, live in harmony with nature.


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