Giving caviar to my cats

Caviar a symbol of wealth and human inconsideration to other species. I personally love eggs, chicken eggs i mean, but have often wondered why would anyone be interested in eating fish eggs, Not that they are tasty!! And they have the highest ratio of human to nature negligence which i will define as : human destruction of nature / human profitability
To clarify this point:
Eating caviar= destruction of several thousand fish lives/ snack food for 1/2 people

the human destruction of nature would be measured by: ( level of endangered species (1 to 100) x number killed x average adult biomass x 1000) + (animals killed number x adult average biomass) + ( plants destroyed x biomass x 100) + (space ocupied x number of average trees it occupy x biomass x days) + ( ecosystem poluted space x number of average animals affected x biomass x days) + (general pollution formula to be determined)

Human profitibility = {the number of services/ products produced} x {how long in days this productivity will be enjoyed }x{ what is the importance of such products to human work, life or development (from 1 to 100)}

So yeah, got a caviar box as a present, and gave it the cats!
But at least humanity would profit from this formula once i get more parameters to define it


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