the value of time, too much – not enough time, time runs too fast – too slow

Since i started in business as an entrepreneur and i always wished that a day would have more hours or that i could be as fast as Flash / Superman (my childhood heroes), i remember that during school years in certain classes time was often running too slow. During my university years i didn’t have enough time, i wished a day was longer, i often slept with my books in my hands! but now it’s still the same story but instead of books, it’s the laptop strategically placed on a small table near my bed!

In a week i have 3 to 5 accidental sleeping, it’s what i call when i sleep while working on something’ it happens usually around 1-3 am; what i hate the most is that when it happens i sleep without brushing my teeth!!

I read an article on forbes on how  To Be A More Efficient Entrepreneur or businessman

link to article

basically this author, writes very good articles, he is a well informed and experienced person,

so here’s what he suggests (only points i agree with):

1- Reduce your emailing activity.

2- Limit phone calls.

3-  Schedule your social media presence.

4- Reduce your meetings time.


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