A business advice: don’t put all your eggs in the same basket

In this blog post, i will tell you about a personal experience i had few years ago, it was in the early years of my entrepreneurship, i was younger and inexperienced, but had limitless motivation, energy and worked day & night, during these days i succeeded in developing a business model based on being sponsored by ads, in other words i was displaying advertisement units on some web projects,( and of course that required online promoting of these web projects,) so eventually it became a very rewarding business, but what i did not expect at that time is that it was possible to fall from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the valley in no time, indeed i had a small problem with Google (the ad provider) and due to my arrogance and maybe their bad customer support, the ad provider stop displaying the ads, it was a big chock especially that no other network were international/trustworthy.
So the revenue went from 3k+ $ to 0$ in 1 day! It took me some time to get over it, but i learned 2 lessons:
1- never rely on 1 source of revenue ( don’t put all your eggs in 1basket)
2- ads displaying is not a stable business. (and this is probably why most companies that rely on displaying ads for revenue have big problems these days)

So basically since then, i have been working hard to be able to diversify as much as possible while keeping a core idea, so through my advertising company, we are now offering services, products as well as ads displaying, and hopefully soon ads distribution & beyond!


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