Europeans, Arabs, Asians monitored through Facebook, Gmail, Skype … by U.S. Government

When conspiracy theories become reality, you start to doubt everything you assumed was true!

Big brother, a word we often heard and hear, big brother is watching, the idea is so absurd that most logical people would reject it in a second!

Watching what ? watching who …  Ridiculous right !

Guess what!  the US. Government is actually monitoring the US citizens Mobile activity !

And …. mining data from major websites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft …

collecting Data about everyone in the world that uses Facebook, and Google, Yahoo ….

The top Mobile Operator in the US leaked the top secret court order,

Another Program codename PRISM is destined for the rest of the world and rely on the major US internet companies! to provide access to their servers to allow US government agents to analyze your mail, photos, videos etc …

Europeans monitored by the US ? Yes

Arabs? Yes!  now the Arab spring have a whole new meaning!

the only countries that seam to have escaped this are China & Russia, mainly because they have their own clone sites!

prism EU



Online presence

I was just wondering, to what level do people take their online presence seriously?!
There is no doubt the tech sector is quite invested in the online presence, you can hardly meet any tech related person that does not have a linkedin, facebook, twitter and google plus account!
The question is what is the limit, new services poping up each day, like pinterest, should we get to these seevices too ? And then what ? We need to check all these websites all the time!
Will all these services persist or some will just die like google wave or just become shadows of former selves like myspace!?

Editing Thunderbird email filters

today i decided to create some filters to get rid of some of the spamy mails (facebook, linkedin  etc …), so

after creating some,

i found myself in a situation were i needed to add several emails under the same filter (didn’t want to have many filter – each for an email) so that each filter filters a specific site even if the site has several emails.

everything was easy.(note you might have to choose between OR /And arguments : choose OR otherwise the filter will filter mails with all emails instead of any of these)

the tricky part was when i found out that there’s still another email i need to add to a specific filter …

and there was no possibility to find where these filters were located ….

so after 1-2 minutes of search on google and getting no results …

i simply remembered that when you create a new filter you have the ability to edit other filters,

EUREKA – i created a dummy filter and once i got the filters window i deleted dummy filter, and added the email in question to the other filter.

a note to: google/bing spiders, spider this post and display it instead of the bullshit nonsense you are displaying now.

the only reason i’m still using google || bing  is the lack of better alternatives , it’s a shame Mega companies with such  huge sums of money still unable to get things right.

vacation photos, get a facebook

i had a boring evening looking at some friends photos that were taken while they were in vacations,

they took more than 300 photos , and it was boring to look at these photos,

what can they show me that will need 300+ photos,

their family enjoying vacation, i can know that within 10 or less.

the country side, the sea, the mountains, the bridges, ….

i have seen all this in life, photos, movies etc …

as for their presence in these photos, well i can simply imagine they visited the mountains or the sea, no need to show me 50+ mountain photo,

or 70+ sea photos, they are all the same ,

next time you want to show your friends some photos, choose 10 and put the rest on facebook.

whoever is curious enough to go through your 300+ photos they will on facebook, otherwise no need to torture the rest