The song that your kids should listen to

Seriously you should make your kids listen to this song till they are old enough to make their own money.


Explainer – the Syrian Refugees Problem in Europe

In an earlier post, i have covered the immigration to Europe and it’s various factors,

And i am a big supporter of hosting refugees in EU countries, or any other safe countries for that matter, but

it would be naive to put all the factors for refugees  immigration to Europe in the same basket, and to ignore the choice of countries they made.

Unfortunately, most refugees are looking to get free money and do nothing, they are “lazy” as the well educated and informed Syrian man, in the video below puts it …
This is human nature, when a human thinks that he/she can get something for nothing, he/she will try to get it.

When you hear that a single Asylum seeker gets 900$ – reduced from 1600$ – in Denmark and a family can get up to 5000$, you ask yourself are they Fking serious?!! With such laws there are millions of people from around the world that would love to be an Asylum seeker in Denmark or other Scandinavian countries!
The only solution is a complete termination of money allocations to refugees and asylum seekers, and instead give the money to organizations that will take care of hosting, feeding and helping these refugees.

It’s about helping people in need, not letting people abuse of the help system!

Smartphones effect on people shown : St. Peter’s Square between 2005 and 2013

St. Peter's Square  between 2005 and 2013

St. Peter’s Square
between 2005 and 2013


Smartphones effect on people shown on the crowd in St. Peter’s Square  between 2005 and 2013, with smartphones, people tend to record instead of see with their own eyes, but then again it’s maybe to have a lasting souvenir. I’m just curious how it will be when people start wearing Smart Glasses.

The way to calm my 3 years old kid is to occupy him with iphone game application

I Was at a friend’s wedding, and had my 3 year old kid with me, as any kid he did not like the restrictions on playing,running etc … But this was not a problem because he was a calm kid during the entire wedding ceremony!
In fact, before going on this long trip, i have downloaded several game apps for kids, luckily he liked some of the apps. And he was very calm, so basically if you wanna occupy your 3 year old kid, get him an ipad or give him your iphone or smartphone loaded with some app games!
The trip was150km by car, so the apps also helped keep him calm and occupied in car!
The concern, is this new generation have a big part of natural life experience replaced by cyber or digital ?