Europeans, Arabs, Asians monitored through Facebook, Gmail, Skype … by U.S. Government

When conspiracy theories become reality, you start to doubt everything you assumed was true!

Big brother, a word we often heard and hear, big brother is watching, the idea is so absurd that most logical people would reject it in a second!

Watching what ? watching who …  Ridiculous right !

Guess what!  the US. Government is actually monitoring the US citizens Mobile activity !

And …. mining data from major websites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft …

collecting Data about everyone in the world that uses Facebook, and Google, Yahoo ….

The top Mobile Operator in the US leaked the top secret court order,

Another Program codename PRISM is destined for the rest of the world and rely on the major US internet companies! to provide access to their servers to allow US government agents to analyze your mail, photos, videos etc …

Europeans monitored by the US ? Yes

Arabs? Yes!  now the Arab spring have a whole new meaning!

the only countries that seam to have escaped this are China & Russia, mainly because they have their own clone sites!

prism EU



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