Giselle Arellano does she really speaks 5 languages?

Giselle Arellano a Mexican Politician pretends she speaks 5 languages, to prove that she said : in the 5 languages : “i speak ___”

but it was the way she said it in French and Arabic what caught my attention,

her Arabic phrase was wrong, her French phrase was very badly pronounced,

i understand that she might have some limited understanding of these languages, but it seams it is a very basic knowledge of Arabic and i think the same for French,

I understand and can talk a little bit of Spanish too, but it’s so little that i never consider it a language i can speak. When i say i can speak 4 languages, that means that i can manage to understand and communicate in 4 languages , it is not the case for my Spanish.

Well Mrs Arellano is no exception, politicians have been lying to populations for centuries, thank god for the internet, at least now we can debunk some lies from time to time.

anyway … good-luck



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