Cyprus wants to steal Russian Money!

let’s call things as they are,

Earlier there was a proposal to take 6-10% of bank deposits in Cyprus, it was refused by the parliament,

then Cyprus went running to Russia to ask for help at the same time cutting communications with the EU representative and the IMF.

Russia didn’t want to get into this mess, so refused to help ….

As a result Cyprus went back to negotiating  with the EU and IMF aiming to secure a bailout, but now Cyprus is considering a 25% levy on deposits of more than 100,000 euros.

in simple words most big money is Russian, and Cyprus don’t give a F* about it.

What a nice way for a country to behave, turning it’s back on the foreign investors!

what should have been done in my opinion is liquidating the scam banking system they have,

sell everything they have and nationalize these dishonest -gambling banks!

eventually make everyone pay, force the 6-9% levy that was decided before, after-all it’s Cyprus mess and Cypriots should pay for it not Russians!




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