vacation photos, get a facebook

i had a boring evening looking at some friends photos that were taken while they were in vacations,

they took more than 300 photos , and it was boring to look at these photos,

what can they show me that will need 300+ photos,

their family enjoying vacation, i can know that within 10 or less.

the country side, the sea, the mountains, the bridges, ….

i have seen all this in life, photos, movies etc …

as for their presence in these photos, well i can simply imagine they visited the mountains or the sea, no need to show me 50+ mountain photo,

or 70+ sea photos, they are all the same ,

next time you want to show your friends some photos, choose 10 and put the rest on facebook.

whoever is curious enough to go through your 300+ photos they will on facebook, otherwise no need to torture the rest


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