paranormal activity

Paranormal Activity (1,2,3,4)- the worst movies ever – total scam

have you watched Paranormal Activity 1, 2, 3 or even 4;

if so you would probably agree that these movies are a total scam,
i did not say bad movies, i said scam, these movies are a shame to the movie industry,

why? , well first it’s crapy movie,

crapy scenario,

they invested 15000$ for 1st movie, actors payment included, and they sold 200 million$ in tickets!

The Movies are directed by American Israeli director Oren Peli

and basically the movies are boring, really boring, it is amazing how such low quality movies get such an attention,

every single reviewer that have positively reviewed this movie must be on a payroll, or have some sort of interest in promoting it,

don’t try to convince me that some people actually liked it, every single person i know that have seen any of these movies had the same reaction “boring”, “waste of time”, “amateur” etc..

that’s the power of …. trolls they hire to fake comment, and fake rate this $hit movie, and of course the publicity they do for the movie too!

they gamed the system inflating rates, faking reviews, reaching to connections to make these movies get as much viewers as possible.

Verdict : SCAM


Paranormal Activity