Oscar Pistorius Guilty or unlucky

Reading about the case of Oscar Pistorius who shot and killed his girlfriend thinking she was an intruder.

Here’s what bothers me in his story:
– If you have an intruder in your house, wouldn’t you go check and tell your gf who happend to be in the house with you, before shooting on whomever is hiding in the bathroom?
– If you are shot at while you are in the bathroom wouldn’t you scream, and if it’s the case, why Oscar would continue shooting?

If this was a case involving an able man, there’s no doubts he’s guilty!
But, because he’s diabled, many factors come into play:
– did not check on gf because he wanted to make less sound ( or was unable to move quickly in case he didn’t have the legs)
– did not stop after hearing shouting, due to ears ringing as a result of firing while lying on the ground (thus not hearing well).

Bottom line he is either guilty or really a very unlucky guy!


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