The song that your kids should listen to

Seriously you should make your kids listen to this song till they are old enough to make their own money.


Internet Age Parenting: Parent’s more responsabilities educating kids : Kids smarter than parents

In the past, when we were kids ourselves, whenever we wanted to know about a subject, our parents tried to answer to the best of their knowledge, some took the time to search in a dictionary or an encyclopedia, but in general the information they provided the kids were limited and for a valid reason, information collecting was time consuming.

Since, Internet happened, now we don’t even have an excuse to not provide our kids with the most detailed, accurate, vast information and multi media (photos, videos) … and our kids expect nothing less.

In the past, it might have been possible to explain to a kid that the Earth is turning around the sun and the moon around the earth … , and your kid might say ok and move to another subject, but now our answer should be in this way:


Or how a pencil is made?

Yes our Kids could be much smarter than we are, and it’s our job to make sure they are!  Failing to achieve that is failing in parenting and failing in helping humanity evolve.