Do we live in a Simulation ? Are we in a Matrix?


If you are in your 30s – 50s you must have heard of the matrix trilogy , in which the hero, Neo discovers that the world he’s living in, is nothing else than a computer simulation, allowing machines to harvest the human energy in the most optimal and efficient way possible.

For me, and until recently, i never looked at it in a way other than a metaphor, to the global system of things.

But recent remarks by some individuals i highly admire, made me reflect on the subject, could we be really living in a simulation ?

Elon Musk the founder of Tesla, SpaceX, Paypal … said: “I’ve had so many simulation discussions it’s crazy,” Musk said. Citing the speed with which video games are improving, he suggested that the development of simulations “indistinguishable from reality” was inevitable. The likelihood that we are living in “base reality,” he concluded, was just “one in billions.”


Matt Damon the actor and the founder of said on the Mit commencement speech referred to a debate in which physicians and scientists debated about whether the universe is a computer simulation … and the scientists were unable to rule it out!


the debate:

But seriously, should we ignore our senses, i mean everything feels so real, these guys are simply putting out some weird theories, or are they ?

Well, according to Cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman we do not experience the world as it really is!

In other words the theory of simulation might be the real deal …

I let you watch the videos and make up your own mind.


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