explainer video for startups

1 minute explainer video for Startups and apps

I have worked with startups a lot, and the one mistake i see repeated, over and over and over, is the lack of visitor education – or explaining to visitor, in other words the lack of an explainer video!

explainer video for startups

The majority of big startups, or startups in incubators, have a marketing manager smart enough to know the importance of such videos and thus use them at the home page, or landing ads pages … But small startups have somehow a blind spot concerning marketing – maybe it’s better to outsource their marketing -, they build these great startups and yet can not figure out the most basic marketing necessity!
The necessity to explain to your visitor/ clients in simple terms the features and use of your service or app!

This can be done easily with : …..

a 1 minute Explainer video

As i explained not long ago in a linkedin post, this is the #1 mistake most startups are committing!

Some tech companies experienced amazing growth, thanks to the 1-2 min animated videos they put on the homepage, the growth comes from the fact that the visitors convert into users/ clients x times more then when the visitor lands on a page with text and graphics.

Not convinced? Let’s do a test, Check the below explainer video by AnimationVids.com :

And now, try to put yourself in your customer shoes, and try to answer these questions:

  1. Would you prefer to stay on a website 15 to 20 minutes or get the information condensed in a 2 min video?
  2. Would you stay on a random website 20 minutes just to understand what exactly they are offering?
  3. Would you prefer a video of a person verbally explaining an offer, or see a 1 minute explainer video like the one above?

It’s important to keep in mind – the goal is for the user to understand what your product does, as fast as possible. Show your explainer video to a person in your target audience if they can tell you what your product is all about, after watching your video, you’ve scored a home-run!

Now that we have agreed on the necessity of an explainer video, the other questions that you would need to ask your self:
1- What type :  list of different types of explainer videos.
2- What budget you are willing to invest in the video:
article about the cost of explainer video , or explainer video cost estimator





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