Immigration to Europe

I wish to talk about this subject, simply because it’s heartbreaking,  my stance is in accordance with the line of my blog –which is contrarian opinions
For the immigration to Europe you have 2 camps, those that hate the immigrants and want them out, and those who sympathize with the immigrants and want them to get the help they are looking for.

My contrarian opinion is neither, i sympathize with them, but find their European trip a stupid gamble.

I, myself, am an immigrant, i became an immigrant by chance but still does not change the fact that i am.
I was continuing my studies in Paris when i met and fell in love with my wife, who is from another EU country, so we got married then later we moved to her country.


What we need to do, is first to distinguish the reason and causes of immigration:
– We have the economical immigrants : mostly from Africa, looking for a better life.
– We have the refugees, or war immigrants : mostly from Syria and Iraq, looking for refuge and safe place.

What economical immigrants are trying to achieve?
Most if not all economical immigrants are trying to reach Germany, Sweden, France and the UK, the reason is that they perceive these countries as the way to easy living, due to the benefits given to the none employed, and to the ease in finding jobs.

What refugees or war immigrants are trying to achieve?
All refugees are trying to find a safe place to live in, the majority of them are living in countries surrounding the war zones,
ex: Most Syrian refugees are living in Lebanon -my home country- a country of 4 million people is hosting more than 1,196,560 Syrian refugee, Jordan hosting 628,427 refugee, Turkey  hosting 1,758,092 refugee.
But some refugees are trying to play it smart by reaching Europe, only to realize that they are not welcome, many of those are even switching their objectives to be economical immigrants labeled by  some as “asylum shoppers” trying to reach countries where benefits are more generous.

The Problem with immigrating to Europe

Immigrating to Europe illegally is like playing the Russian roulette,

  1. Issue 1: Crossing to Europe : immigrants pay illegal traffickers big sums -around $3000-$4000- so that they transport them to the European shore, these are very risky trips, and a big number of immigrants die each year.
  2. Issue 2: Going from landing country to destination country : means dozens of hurdles, that might end in death, and using up all their financial economies.
  3. Issue 3: Becoming homeless: just because they crossed to the country they want, they should not expect they will be able to rent a house, there are laws and requirements to rent a house, it’s not a simple money transaction in Europe.
  4. Issue 4: Not finding a job : When they are barely able to communicate, finding a job is tough, what is tougher is that no one can legally hire them, that means they will have to survive on donations …
  5. Issue 5: They are not welcome: There is a bad economical situation in Europe, and many are jobless, the immigration just raises the tension and put the locals in competition with the potentially worse paid immigrant.
  6. Issue 6: They are seen as an enemy: Immigrants in general are seen as a security threat, especially immigrants that are coming from predominantly muslim country. African immigrants on the other hand are seen as trouble makers.
  7. Issue 7: They will get more vote to the far right: More illegal immigrants, means more people voting to the far right, which then cracks down on all immigrants.

A Smart Solution

Lebanese people have been immigrating for the last hundred year or so, we never had a problem, simply because our numbers are small, many of us are over-educated – bilingual or multilingual, but most importantly it’s because we immigrated with a logic.

for example the Syrian refugees : there are very few people living in countries that are not Turkey, Arab countries or European countries, there’s 0 in China, 0 in India and 0 in Africa -except Maghreb-
Lebanese Immigrants: immigrated to all around the world, many of them live in Latin America, but there are many as well that live in Senegal, Ivory Coast, South Africa …

The smart immigration means : choose a country where you can live a descent life with the money you have, choose a place in Asia, Africa, wherever, where you can rent a house and feed your family, and maybe launch a small business … Going to Europe will make you spend all your money with no guarantees and a dim future!

Future of the kids

I saw some photos of kids that drowned on the Libyan coast, after their boat failed … And in another video i remember a mom that successfully crossed to Europe saying that they want a better future for their kids …
My question is: What future is it when you put your kids at the risk of dying to go to a foreign land where they will feel that they do not belong?


Stupid ideas not to fall for:

  • No you can cross from Africa to Europe in the landing gear of a plane – Most if not all die ! article.
  • No they will not give refugee families homes once they reach Germany or France or UK, they are lucky if they get a camping van – a camping van not bad ? wait till winter comes and temperature drops to -10 or -20!
  • No, nowhere in the EU, they are looking forward to welcome you. Xenophobic attacks , and this
  • No, Europe is not heaven on earth, people work hard and pay taxes, there’s nothing for free.
  • No, once you cross the Mediterranean, and land on European soil, your troubles are not over, you can be deported at any time. Balkan refugees being deported

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