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Creationism VS Evolution , Who is right and who is wrong?

In the spirit of the contrarian opinions, i have decided to write today about a subject that have been debated for years. As always, the approach i’ll take is based on facts and what i analyze, based on my knowledge as a scientist.
This is a contrarian blog (the opinions are contrary to what is popular these days), the opinions are based on facts.

The debate is so long and so intense that i could in no way cover the points in a blog post.

But here’s what we know:

Creationists Theories:

This is a touchy subject, i won’t get into details due to the emotional associations many have with this subject, but in general religions have been mostly recycling ancient ideas about deities and gods, the main point of criticism to creationists is, who and why we were created?

And why would a God create humanity and (make us feel guilty,  force everyone to believe , select few as elite , or ….)

Scientists and evolutionists theories, center around:

1- The concept that everything is random,
2- Natural selection that funnels the evolution of species towards the most optimal output.
And by optimal output, it means having the most reproductive power and longest longevity.

If we look at the animal anatomy, we notice that the body systems evolved through species, in case you are not familiar with this concept i would recommend reading a bit about it, especially about the nervous system.

The systems evolution can be observed, but genetics might have brought some more to the table, the genes we share as humans with other animals, trace the road of evolution. In other words, genes were passed from the early animal ancestors to their other descendants , for example we share more than 96% of our genes with chimps, thus it shows that we and the chimps might have a common ancestor. We share less genes with other mammals, but we share nonetheless, meaning our ancestors shared a common ancestor with mammals ….

More recently, evidence for common descent has come from the study of biochemical similarities between organisms. For example, all living cells use the same basic set of nucleotides and amino acids.The development of molecular genetics has revealed the record of evolution left in organisms’ genomes: dating when species diverged through the molecular clock produced by mutations. For example, these DNA sequence comparisons have revealed that humans and chimpanzees share 98% of their genomes and analysing the few areas where they differ helps shed light on when the common ancestor of these species existed    more info..

3- An initial event, Abiogenesis  – life arising from non living matter- or the Big bang theory -birth of planets and the event that led to the creation of space, the universe, earth, the sun …
The planets, space and the stars are governed by the law of physics and general relativity

Here’s what is wrong and what we actually don’t know !!!

Big bang theory : We know nothing! according to this theory the universe expanded in a fraction of a second, and we do not have a unified theory of gravity and the other forces to explain it, in other words, the relativity theory and all other theories do not apply here, in other words we don’t know what led to the this initial event that created the universe!
Origin of life or Abiogenesis : Whether it happened on earth, or even if it happened on another planet, we still know nothing! Yeah, we can explain how the early cells evolved to give breath to a complex human being. But what we can not explain is how did these cells come to existence!!! How non-living matter evolved to give an organic compound, not only that, but how this organic compound became alive!!!

Creationism can have a role :

The 2 points that are basically like magic, are the points mentioned above, so basically creationists can pretend that the Big bang and the Abiogenesis were both initiated by a “Power” that they call GOD.

Mission accomplished : Creationists and Evolutionists Reconciled!



  1. “The 2 points that are basically like magic, are the points mentioned above, so basically creationists can pretend that the Big bang and the Abiogenesis were both initiated by a ‘Power’ that they call GOD.”

    There is one little problem with that idea. It’s total bullshit. Magic is not real therefore magical beings are not real. Everything that ever happened was a natural process whether or not scientists don’t know everything there is to know about it. This is called “reality”. If we are instead going to invoke a fairy’s magic wand then we might as well pretend Harry Potter is real. We don’t invoke magic because this is the 21st century and not the Dark Ages FFS.

    “There are many aspects of the universe that still cannot be explained satisfactorily by science; but ignorance only implies ignorance that may someday be conquered. To surrender to ignorance and call it God has always been premature, and it remains premature today.” — Isaac Asimov

    By the way scientists already have excellent ideas about how the Big Bang started and how the 1st simple living cells got a foothold on Earth 3.5 billion years ago. And just imagine what we will know 1,000 years from now. Your “we still know nothing” is bullshit. Please try to be current. You can look these things up.

    “Mission accomplished : Creationists and Evolutionists Reconciled!”

    Creationists are total morons. They know nothing. They never will know anything. They are totally wrong about everything. They contribute nothing to human progress. They just get in the way. Another thing is biologists are called “biologists”, not “evolutionists”.

    You got a lot of things right. Obviously you understand how evolution works and the evidence for it, and you understand evolution is the strongest fact of science. And you understand there is no debate about the basic facts of evolution. Creationists think there’s a debate but just because they are cowardly idiots who fear scientific facts doesn’t mean there’s a debate.

    “1- The concept that everything is random, 2- Natural selection that funnels the evolution of species towards the most optimal output. And by optimal output, it means having the most reproductive power and longest longevity.”

    The science deniers repeatedly say evolution is random which shows they don’t know what they’re talking about. The mutations are random but the natural selection of what works is not random, and of course you already knew that. I’ve explained this to creationists many times and never once have they been able to understand even though this is basic stuff that any child could figure out. The stupidity of the god-soaked is breathtaking.

    1. I happen to be a biologist and more precisely “genetic engineer”.
      As i said this is a contrarian blog, and a contrarian article that goes against popular opinions ..
      This being said, creationists have the right to call these 2 specific points as acts of creation…. or at least, till we come up with theories or proofs that can explain the science behind it.

      Unfortunately we still can not explain the creation of the first organisms, and even if we manage to explain the formation of an RNA strand, it still says nothing … of course the repetitive formation of RNA strands can randomly lead to something more, but that’s still a mystery in biology & genomics, an RNA by itself is like a CD or a floppy disk, it needs a computer to work.
      Concerning the big bang, we are also trying to understand what happened the first fraction of a second that led to this universe … during this fraction unfortunately laws of physics don’t apply well, so hopefully in a couple hundreds years from now we will be able to solve these mysteries.

      This being said, a scientist keep an open mind for possibilities, and answers, including an open mind concerning dimensions and creatures or powers …

      What i failed to specify in my blog, is that almost all creationists are following one of the religious dogmas, which make any debate more about what they know than what they should learn.

      I’ll end it with a funny quote from Mark Twain:
      “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

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