Terrorism targeting and destroying Archeology

What have survived nature and men for thousands of years is falling face to a barbaric group of individuals that apparently do not value neither human lives nor the human history!

The last few days, the terrorist group ISIS, have been destroying human archeological treasures in Iraq and Syria, last year they destroyed a 5000 year old statute in Syria -the last image, this year, they have been more active in destroying few of the most interesting and valuable archeological sites in the world!!!
They started by destroying the content of a big Iraqi museum,
Then using bulldozers they razed 2 ancient cities – UNESCO world heritage sites -shown below, both these cities have been standing for 2300 and 3000 years respectively!

The terrorist group has been campaigning to purge ancient relics they say promote idolatry. A reason that can not even convince a 3 year old baby!

The real reason for such a behavior is probably publicity and propaganda!

These action not only sadden the people of the region, but it does sadden the entire human population, these site belong to humanity, they are the history of humanity, it’s the birthplace of civilization being destroyed by people who want to get rid of civilization!


ISIS destroying Hadar archeological site انباء عن تدمير "داعش" آثار مدينة نمرود التاريخية ISIS destroying Iraqi archeology

20140517025205 20140517023915


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